Your CSEA negotiations team met with the District’s team for the 6th time on 1/12/10 regarding 09/10 school year contract re-openers.  Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

1.  CSEA gave the District a comprehensive proposal for all items opened, which did not include furlough days.  One item we did ask for is more input into the promotional application and interview process. 

2.  CSEA once again questioned the necessity of additional budget cuts for the 09/10 fiscal year, based on the results of the budget analysis from CSEA headquarters in San Jose.

3.  CSEA and the District have reached conceptual agreement on CSEA’s proposal for Article XII Transfer and the District’s proposal to increase notification to 45 days in Article XV Layoff and Re-employment.

4.  Despite the fact that we are only bargaining for the 09/10 year as per our current contract, the District continues to propose multi-year contract modifications.

Your team continues to push for the best deal for all Classified employees.  We appreciate all the supportive calls and emails! Thank you again for wearing blue on our negotiation dates; our next scheduled negotiations Wednesday January 27.

Protecting our future through bargaining,

Your 09/10 CSEA negotiations team – Allyson, Nancy, Cheryl, Job, Aydin, and Brady

“United we bargain, Divided we beg”


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