Make a call for Health Care

Dear CSEA Members:

While the battle for health care reform continues at the Federal level, Californian’s have the opportunity to secure true Health Care Reform here at home.

California’s health care bill SB 810 (Leno) (formerly SB 840) will provide health care to all Californian’s. SB 810 will be voted on this week in the California Senate.

It is very important we keep this bill alive by contacting California State Senator Lou Correa and letting him know this is a very important issue to Classified employees.

Please take a minute to help secure health care for all by sending an email or making a call to Senator Correa with the following message. . .

Lou Correa (Santa Ana) – Phone: 916-651-4034/714-558-4400,  Email:  Email:

Hello, My name is:__________I am a member of California School Employees Association and I am counting on your vote in favor of SB 810 (Leno). This is a very important vote for all Californians and we will be tracking the votes very closely on this issue. Thank you.

Once you have made the call please either leave a message for Kenny Wilson, CSEA Organizer 714-532-7135 that you made the call.

If you email the Senator please include in the cc line.

These calls and emails are very important in securing a better future for us all.

Thank you.