On January 27, your CSEA negotiations team met again with the District’s team to continue bargaining the 09/10 school year contract re-openers. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

1.The District shared with us a modified proposal that addressed changes to their position on Health and Welfare, and potential changes to their proposal for furlough days/salary impact.

2. To date, the District has not provided your bargaining team with any language which would provide job security for the classified unit, despite our understanding that such protections were given to the teachers.

On February 3, your bargaining team will deliver a counter-proposal which will address the District’s financial needs and will feature job security language. We will also address the crucial elements identified in the pre-negotiations survey.

In an effort to keep you well informed, the Chapter has added a Q & A section on the Chapter website at Visitors to the site can also submit questions or comments on the site.

Protecting our future through bargaining,

Your 09/10 CSEA negotiations team – Allyson, Nancy, Cheryl, Job, Aydin, and Brady

Don’t forget to wear blue on Wednesday February 3!


  1. Anonymous

    There are so many rumors going around the district about classified employees and taking furlough days, can you post information here if they are true or not, please.

    Q: Are all classified employees to report to work on furlough days, even though teachers/administrators aren’t?

    Q: Will someone from the union be notifying us when a settlement has been reached?

    Q: Why isn’t classified being offered the same package as the teachers, with a guarantee of NO LAYOFFS in June 2010? I heard the teachers got their jobs secured in their package.

    Q: My principal is telling classified employees at my site that we are to report to Valencia gym if we haven’t settled by the first furlough day? Is this true? Personally I have tones of work that could be done at my work site, just like a non student day.

  2. 1 – Yes

    2 – Yes – and you will have the opportunity to vote on whether or not you approve if you are a chapter member?

    3 – We haven’t been offered anything guaranteeing that there will be no layoffs. At this point, the District seems unwilling to guarantee that they will protect classified jobs

    4 – They can direct the force ie tell you where to go. I would say that they would have to pay us mileage to and from

    Brady Bailo

    Labor Relations Representative

    CSEA – Orange Field Office
    Tel: 714.532.7129


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