Negotiations Update #8




At the negotiations session on February 3, CSEA and the District were unable to reach agreement on our 09/10 contract; therefore, this process is moving into the impasse procedure (see for more info)

CSEA’s last proposal, prior to the Impasse, was a total package deal, as listed below:

We addressed furlough days, agreeing to the District’s proposal of 4 days for the 09/10 school year for all Classified employees.  For 10/11, CSEA proposed a prorated schedule with 6 days for 12 month employees; 5 days for 10 month up to 12 month employees; and 4 days for those employees with a less than 10 month work year.  This proposal also included language to protect vacation and sick leave accrual, and paid holidays, which could otherwise be impacted by the furlough days.

CSEA’s proposal for furlough days is contingent upon the District’s agreement not to initiate layoffs or reduction of hours for unit members for the 09/10 and 10/11 school years.

The furlough day proposal included language which would require the District to reduce the number of furlough days if the base revenue limit is increased.

Our proposal regarding Health & Welfare is for all benefit levels and employee contributions to remain as per the current contract.

CSEA also proposed an early retirement incentive for all non-management Classified employees, of a 2 year PERS service credit.  This provision allows the District to leave vacant positions unfilled for a period not to exceed 12 months, which would save money to help offset the need for layoffs.

Additional contract language was proposed requiring the District to strictly adhere to the provision of Ed Code Section 45103.1 regarding contracting out of classified unit work.

Our team modified our previous proposal regarding promotions, focusing on maintaining a level of neutrality for the benefit of current employees.

The term of this agreement would extend the current contract (ending 6/30/10) for one additional year, ending 6/30/11).  This extension would allow for 5 articles in the contract to be reopened by each side for the 10/11 school year.

CSEA and the District reached a tentative agreement regarding Article 12, Transfers, adding seniority as a factor.

CSEA and the District reached a tentative agreement regarding Article 15, Notice of Layoff, increasing notice from 30 days to 45 days.

For more information, see the “Q & A” section on our website:

Next chapter meeting:  Monday February 8, 5:15 pm, at the ESC

**We will be answering your questions regarding negotiations, furlough days, and the impasse process at this meeting**

One thought on “Negotiations Update #8

  1. Answer:
    It is not as simple a reply as “The District objects to X”
    There are many factors in the proposal that we presented to the District on Feb. 3.
    On Monday at the Chapter meeting we will go over the proposal in what detail we may and explain the impasse process.
    We we’ll be having the meeting at the ESC on Casa Loma in the old boardroom.
    I invite you to attend and bring your colleagues and questions.
    I want to thank you on behalf of the whole team for your support and interest.
    Allyson Holt

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