Questions and Answers: Impasse

Question: Why are we at impasse?

Impasse was declared on February 3rd because CSEA and the District could not reach an agreement. See Update number #8 regarding the details of this disagreement. 

Question: How long will the impasse take?

It’s difficult to say, it may take several months. It is possible that the process may not be completed prior to the end of the 2009/2010 school year.

Question: Who is involved in the impasse? 

In addition to the current negotiating teams, a neutral mediator from the state of California is appointed to assist the parties.

Question: What is the impasse process?

During the impasse process, a mediator from the state is brought in to the process in an effort to help the parties reach an agreement. After meeting with a mediator, the negotiations may proceed to the “Fact Finding” process. The “Fact Finding” process is presided over by a panel of three individuals – one representative from the District, one representative from the Chapter and one neutral party.

Question: What happens to my days of work and salary during the impasse procedure?

During impasse, the district may not unilaterally alter your wages or hours.

This means that no calendar changes (furlough days) can be implemented without agreement from your bargaining team. Without an agreement, Classified employees will continue to report to work as usual.

Question: Can I take benefit time (vacation, personal necessity, etc) on the non student/teacher Furlough days?

You have the right to work these days or take vacation or personal necessity time as available in your contract.

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