CSEA Furlough Day Q & A

Employees and their supervisors have been working together to mutually agree on a Floating Furlough Day to make up for the furlough day other employees took off on February 23rd.  We are posting this to further clarify the process for classified staff to arrange their Floating Furlough Day.

What are the three furlough days all classified employees must take?

All classified employees will take the following furlough days.  Time Exception Reports will not be required to record these three days:

·         Friday, April 2, 2010

·         Monday, April 12, 2010

·         Friday, May 28, 2010

Do I have to complete a Time Exception Report for the Floating Furlough Day?

Yes, you must complete a Time Exception Report for the Floating Furlough Day once it has been taken.  Record your absence as Personal Leave Without Pay and indicate ‘Furlough Day’ in the comment section.

How will my pay check be affected?

The four furlough days will be deducted evenly over the next four months.  Your check will be docked one day of pay for the next four pay periods beginning with the April 10th check and ending with the July 10th check, regardless of when you take your furlough day.

How will the Floating Furlough Day be determined?

Currently there is a March 15th deadline for employees to provide three possible dates to their Supervisor for the Floating Furlough Day.  In order to allow a more reasonable amount of time for employees to get their furlough day questions answered, this deadline is being extended to March 30th.

Employees who have not already submitted their Floating Furlough Day may use the Floating Furlough Day form or email their preferred Floating Furlough Day options to their supervisors.

Substitutes will not be provided so employees and supervisors must work together to select a mutually agreed upon date that does not require a substitute and that is least disruptive to our students.

 What if a supervisor and an employee can’t mutually agree on a selected date for a Floating Furlough?

If an employee and supervisor can not mutually agree on a Floating Furlough Day, then the employee will select his/her last working day during 2009/2010 as the Floating Furlough Day.

Employees have until June 30, 2010 to take their Floating Furlough Day.

What if I am a Special Education Aide?

Special education aides have asked who they should work with to establish their furlough days.  Special education aides should submit their request for the Floating Furlough Day to the teacher of record.  Decisions regarding scheduling of furlough dates will be made by teachers in communication with their principals.

Is there an option to use one of the Spring Break Days (April 6, 7, 8, 9) as a Floating Furlough Day?

The attached list will help employees understand if they have the option of taking a spring break day as a Floating Furlough Day.  Classifications that are highlighted in yellow do not have the option of taking their Floating Furlough Day during Spring break.

Click This Attachment: CSEA_Spring_Break_Options

Here is your form:09_10_CSEA_Furlough_Form