Assembly Budget Proposal Honors Commitment to Students

May 27, 2010

This week, Speaker John Perez introduced the Assembly budget package that closes the budget deficit, rejects the Governor’s draconian cuts to education and safety net programs, and promotes and protects over 400,000 school, local government and private sector jobs.

The Assembly’s California Jobs Budget reflects the tireless advocacy of CSEA and our Education Coalition partners by providing $3.9 billion above the Governor’s proposal for education funding. The Assembly proposal rejects the Governor’s call to break the July 2009 budget agreement memorialized in AB 4X3 and rejects the manipulation of Proposition 98. The Assembly budget proposal recognizes that Proposition 98 is a critical commitment between the voters and our schools and should not be violated.

Special thanks should be given to Assembly Speaker John Perez for developing a budget proposal that upholds the commitment to students and ensures that education is fully funded.

In stark contrast to the Governor’s budget proposal, the Assembly’s California Jobs Budget matches the priorities of the people of California as measured by recent polls and reflects the contributions of thousands of Californian’s who have testified and participated in subcommittee hearings, budget hearings and budget forums held throughout the state.

Highlights of the Assembly’s California Jobs budget proposal:

* Protects Critical Education Dollars. Rejects the Governor’s devastating cuts to education and instead meets the Proposition 98 guarantee and puts a stop to the endless cuts to K-12 and Higher Education in order to protect California’s future. This could save thousands of classified jobs.
* Promotes Job Creation and Job Protection. Creates a $10 billion Jobs and Economic Stability Fund that promotes and protects over 400,000, school, local government and private sector jobs.
* Rejects Cuts to Safety Net Programs. Rejects the Governor’s slashing of safety net programs, which would actually cost the state more, and instead maintains childcare, CalWorks and other social service programs.
* Closes Corporate Tax Loopholes. Delays corporate loopholes and generates millions by closing the oil severance tax loophole.

What’s Next?

The Senate and Assembly are scheduled to close budget hearings this week. The two houses will then convene a Conference Committee to hammer out any budget differences before sending a single budget to the Governor. The budget is not final until it is signed by the Governor. The Constitution requires a budget to be signed by June 30th

Caution: This is a preliminary analysis of the budget. Some proposals may change as additional details become available.