Oc register Has requested YOUR DATA.

The Orange County Register has requested your employment data, and anything that is public record may be published in the Register along with your name.
I have included the actual memo Suzette Lovely Assistant Superintendent of Personnel sent out.
Please Contact William Diepenbrock if you object to this. His phone number is 909-214-6909 and his email is bdiepenbrock@ocregister.com
Unfortunately it is legal for him to print your information as well as your Name in the paper.
Click on the image below to read.

California Voter Guide

In order to assist Our members, CSEA has sent a voter guide for California. As a service to Chapter 293’s membership I have posted the Guide online.
By clicking on the thumbnails below you will be able to read the names of the endorsed candidates in all races across California.
Check your individual Voters booklet to ascertain which candidate is in your district.
And Remember to vote on Tuesday.

Meet your endorsed candidates

CSEA members, come show your support for endorsed school board candidates !!
On Thursday 10/21 at the District Board Room. (DEC)

We will be meeting outside at 6:30pm to meet and greet our candidates.

Please wear something Blue to show your support for classified workers.

Actual forum is from 7 – 9pm and is Moderated by the League of Women Voters of North Orange County.

Please invite as many people as possible to come. Show your support for Kim Palmer, Carrie Buck and Janine Hellebrand
click on photo below for larger image

Support your Endorsed Candidates

In an effort to elect the candidates that CSEA Chapter 293 endorsed on Monday Night, as well as supporting other local School Board races and the larger State campaign,
CSEA and RPAC Allyson Holt are hosting two nights of phone banking at the Orange Field office. This Thursday 10/14 and Thursday 10/28 from 5:30 until about 8:00.
This will be a scripted effort for those of you new to the idea of Phone Banking and we will be contacting those members who have been friendly to CSEA and the candidates we endorse.
We will be contacting those Members who may work for other districts and live in PYLUSD as well as our own Classified unit to let them know who we chose to endorse.
Since we will be ordering dinner an RSVP to Brady Bailo At 714-532-7129.
The Phone banking will be held at the Orange Field Office Located at 326 W. Katella, Orange Ca.

Chapter 293 Endorses School Board Candidates

“After presentations from the candidates and significant spirited discussion, CSEA #293 representatives in attendance at the Chapter meeting on October 11, 2010 voted to endorse the following candidates for seats on the PYLUSD Board of Education:

Full Term Seat
Carrie Buck

Full Term Seat
Kim Palmer

Short Term Seat
Janine Hellebrand

Candidates elected to serve on the PYLUSD Board of Education will wield enormous influence over our working lives as PYLUSD Board of Education members vote on key issues like approval of our contract and other important staffing decisions.

The election for PYLUSD School Board is a great way for members to get involved in protecting their future. To learn how you can become involved to support these candidates, contact Brady Bailo CSEA Labor Relations Representative at 714.532.7129 or email at bbailo@csea.com

CSEA #293 wishes to thank those candidates who took the time to address representatives at the Chapter meeting on 10/11/10. “

Education and CSEA Members Win Big on State Budget

October 8, 2010

Education and CSEA Members Win Big on State Budget

After and all night session and a budget stalemate that lasted 100 days into the current year, the Legislature passed the budget early this morning. This makes the 2010-11 budget the latest on record. Last week the Governor and Legislative leaders announced that a deal was struck on the budget but it took a week to put together the 20 pieces of legislation to make the agreement operational.

The budget agreement includes approximately $18.3 billion in General Fund solutions and closes the deficit with a combination of $7.5 billion in cuts (far less than the 12.4 billion proposed by the Governor), $5.3 billion in federal funds and $5.9 billion in additional revenues, fund shifts and alternate funding.

CSEA members led the fight to hold legislators and the Governor accountable for keeping the education budget promise from last year. The budget agreement reflects the commitment by Legislative leadership to honor the July 2009 budget promise memorialized in AB 4X 3. To avoid massive cuts to home care, seniors, children’s programs and the disabled the agreement suspends Proposition 98, an action that CSEA and the Education Coalition opposed. In the end, education is funded at $52.5 billion, an increase of approximately $3.1 billion over the Governor’s May Revise proposal.

Major Education Highlights Include:

* Proposition 98 is funded at $49.7 billion for fiscal year 2010-11
* Deferrals totaling $1.9 billion ($1.7 billion for K-12 and $189 million for Community Colleges)
* Settle Up Funding of $300 million
* One time funding totaling $240 million
* Funding for the Quality Education Investment Act totaling $420 million.
* Funding for 2.21% enrollment growth ($126 million) for Community Colleges
* Guaranteed payback of the Maintenance Factor totaling $9.5 billion. This is money owed to schools to be repaid in future years when the economy improves.
* $1.3 billion in federal jobs funds, which can be used over the next two years to buy back furlough days, stop layoffs, bring back laid off employees or otherwise save education jobs.

This level of funding could not have been achieved unless CSEA members took the lead in lobbying legislators to keep their education budget promise.

Stopping Layoffs, Furloughs and Cuts
CSEA chapters should bargain for rehiring of classified employees, elimination of furloughs and restoration of jobs and programs. Virtually every school district based their budgets on the Governor’s May revise budget. However, since the budget agreement includes $3.1 billion more than the May revise budget, plus $1.3 billion in federal jobs funds, there should be ample funds available to restore jobs and cuts.

Pension Benefits Cut for New Employees

During the budget fight, Governor Schwarzenegger conditioned the budget on rolling back retirement benefits for new classified employees. He insisted that new classified employees be moved into a two-tier retirement formula at 2% at age 60, instead of 2% at age 55 and have final retirement compensation based on the highest consecutive 36 months, instead of the highest consecutive 12 months.

CSEA lobbied hard against this proposal and Senate President Pro Tem Steinberg engaged in a late night negotiation with Governor Schwarzenegger to remove this two-tier benefit from the budget agreement. We want to thank Senator Steinberg for stepping up on this issue and stopping the two-tier retirement. Senator Steinberg and Speaker Perez did an exceptional job negotiating this budget under difficult economic and political circumstances.

Our friends in the legislature stood strong with us and CSEA members did a fantastic job lobbying, organizing and fighting for a fair budget for classified employees and students. You can be proud of the result and the fact that we have finally stopped the cuts and begun reinvesting in our public schools. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.
Next Steps

We expect the Governor will review, blue pencil and sign the budget over the next few days. We want to caution that the information reported here may change based on further analysis of the budget bills and the Governor’s actions. We will send out additional reports on the budget as any new or significant information becomes available.

If you wish to comment or would like additional information, please contact: Dave Low, Director, Governmental Relations; Jai Sookprasert, Assistant Director, Governmental Relations; Dolores Duran-Flores, Legislative Advocate; Steve Henderson, Legislative Advocate; Joshua Golka, Legislative Advocate, 1127 11th Street, Suite. 346, Sacramento, California 95814. Toll Free: (800) 867-2026.