O.C. Register to publish your Employment / Wage data in paper and on internet

Up date: I have contacted the Orange County Register to voice my displeasure with this “article” and have canceled My subscription..
I urge those of you who have one to cancel yours as well and to call Terry Horne the President and Publisher directly to let him know why His number is

Last week the District sent out a memo to let all employees know about the Orange County Registers intent to gather and publish the employment data of all school district employees in the county.
your employment data is a public record and can be requested for legitimate reasons. How ever there is some question about the legitimacy of publishing this data for no apparent reason.
The following is the e-mail i received from William Diepenbrock in response to my objection to the wholesale printing/ posting of our employment data including salary, site and Full name in the paper and a internet Data base.:

The OC Register has set down its standards for excluding school employees from our database. Please review the criteria below and resubmit your request if it meet these standards.

Thank you

The Orange County Register will exclude school employees’ names from its database on K-12 school salaries to shield individuals from dangers created or exacerbated by the publication of names or work locations not already available on the Internet.

To obtain an exclusion, a school employee would need to meet the following criteria:

1) Provide substantiation of the threat faced via legal documentation. Such documentation would include restraining orders, police reports or testimonials from a law enforcement agency that such publication of the name or work location would put the individual at serious risk. See below for more on testimonials.

2) The threat must stem from a current situation or one not more than 5 years old.

3) The individual’s name and school site should not be readily available via a Google search.


Individuals who earned $100,000 or above in gross pay in 2009-10 will need to provide documentation to the Register by Nov. 10.

Individuals who earned $25,000 to $99,999 in gross pay in 2009-10 will need to provide documentation to the Register by Nov. 19.

Testimonial guideline

Testimonials may be e-mailed to the Register (PDFs preferred). They should be on department letterhead and include contact information for the individual providing the testimonial.

Sending requests

Requests must be e-mailed to bdiepenbrock@ocregister.com. A confirmation e-mail will indicate a request has been received and an e-mail will be sent indicating our decision. Phone requests will not be honored.

Additional information about the project:

This project will proceed in stages. The first focuses on those earning $100,000 or more; the second on those earning $25,000 to $99,999. No salaries below $25,000 – other than for elected officials – will be posted.

William Diepenbrock

Editor, Education & Databases

The Orange County Register



The following is my response to this e-mail.:

I will make sure my members see this.
I have made myself clear on this subject and your “rules” will not absolve you if something untoward happens to someone because of your fishing trip.
Realizing that it is impractical to publish 43000 names and all their information, you will have to resort to data bases on the Internet to hold all that information, and now you have exposed what was “public” to those who have a legitimate interest, into a spectacle that can potentially be viewed world wide.
I agree that those with salaries over 100,000 Might be of interest, especially if there are other perks, and gifts of public money… and individual contracts.

Allyson Holt
CSEA Chapter 293, President
RPAC Region 22, area H