Governor Brown Declares Fiscal Emergency

Yesterday, under the authority provided under Proposition 58, Governor Brown declared a fiscal emergency effectively superseding the proclamation issued in December by the previous administration.  The new declaration allows Governor Brown to replace the previous administration’s partial budget solution with his own plan to solve the $26.4 budget deficit which includes a June special election to ask voters for a five year extension of temporary taxes approved as part of the 2009-10 budget.

In his proclamation, Governor Brown states that “decisive action is required to solve that state’s persistent and sever budget problems, continue economic recovery, promote job growth and preserve public education and the quality of life for all Californians.”

Under Proposition 58, the Legislature is encouraged to pass measures to address the fiscal emergency within 45 days of the Governor’s declaration.  Both the Senate and Assembly have scheduled committee hearings beginning next week to review and analyze Governor Brown’s budget proposal.

What’s Next?  

The Legislature has 45 days to address the fiscal emergency.  The legislature may approve the Governor’s budget or they may adopt their own solutions, but they must submit their budget within the required 45 days.

CSEA and the Education Coalition are working with the Governor and the Legislature to move the temporary tax extension to the ballot and caution that further cuts in funding will devastate California’s schools.  

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Allyson Holt
CSEA Chapter President,
RPAC, Region 22, Area H