Your help is needed on SB 810


Friday, April 22, 2011

 ACTION ALERT ON SB 810 (Leno) Single Payer Universal Health Care

 Your help is needed on SB 810.

 SB 810, CSEA’s sponsored bill that would create a single payer universal health care system in California, is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Health Committee on Wednesday, May 4, 2011.  In order to secure passage of this important bill, we are asking you to call the following Senators:

 Member                                        Capitol Office                               District Office

Senator Ed Hernandez,
O.D., Chair                                   (916) 651-4024                            (626) 430-2499

 Senator Michael J. Rubio        (916) 651-4016      Bakersfield: (661) 395-2620

                                                                                                 Fresno: (559) 264-3070

 When you call, you should personalize your message.  Otherwise, you can use the following points:

  • I am calling to urge the Senator to support SB 810 when it comes before him in the Senate Health Committee on May 4th.
  • I am a classified school employee.  With the state budget cuts and furloughs we are experiencing, many of us are paying a larger percentage of our take home pay in health care costs.  Some of us work just for the health care and sign over our paychecks at the end of the month to cover our families.
  • SB 810 will finally control health care costs and make it more affordable for everyone.  Also, everyone is covered under this bill and nobody is left out.

We need the Senator to vote for this bill in committee.  Thank you.

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2010/11 Tentative Agreement reached, Vote Scheduled

On April 15th your CSEA Negotiations team met with the District to complete the negotiations for the 2010/11 Contract re-openers.

As you may recall the agreement between the Chapter and the District allowed the parties to re-open three articles for the 10/11 school year.

The agreement limited the articles that we could discuss to those that did not have a monetary effect.

The articles selected by the members through the survey were as follows, Transfers, Evaluations and Promotions.

When you click here you will find the actual language of the Tentative Agreement signed by the representatives of both groups.

Please read these carefully and address any questions to the Negotiation team or  L.R.R. Brady Bailo at 714-532-7129

We will be holding the ratification vote for the Tentative Agreement at the MAY chapter meeting, MAY 9, at 5:15 at the ESC.

Only Chapter members may vote on the contract, if you are not currently a Chapter member bring your $2.00, we will sign you up and you may vote.


Click Here For:
2010/11 Tentative Agreement
The Negotiation Team

Layoff Notification Paper and Friday April 29th

Any unit member who has received any layoff notification paper from the District need not respond to this paper until Friday April 29th. This is the Friday after employees return from Spring Break. Please note that this is different from what was communicated on the papers employees received from the District and different from what managers have told members who have received papers. This is the position that has been verified by Personnel. Please notify those that you know that are affected. – Sincerely Brady Bailo

Section 15.2 Notice of Layoff

Early Retirement Incentive Update

According to our agreement with the District, the 2 Year CalPERS Service Credit Retirement Incentive would be put into place for the 2010/2011 school year if PARS, a private company which specializes in developing their own brand of retirement incentives, produced a study which showed that by putting in a 2 Year CalPERS Service Credit Retirement Incentive for classified employees, the District would either save money or would not be required to spend additional money.

 On April 14, CSEA members met again with District representatives and a representative from PARS to discuss the PARS study. The conclusion jointly reached at this meeting was that the PARS study did not produce a result which would save the District money or which would not require the District to spend additional money.  Also, as the CalPERS retirement incentive requires a 90 day window for employees to enroll, sufficient time does not remain in 2010/2011 school year to allow for this window of time.  

 This meeting was the final step in this process that has lasted several months and has taken a series of meetings. We appreciate the District’s efforts in this process; however, we did tell the District that even though this PARS study did not produce the result CSEA had hoped for, CSEA was by no means abandoning the idea of the early retirement incentive. CSEA would likely bring back the issue in future negotiations, if that was the direction of the members.

 While we are disappointed that there will not be an Early Retirement Incentive for classified employees for the 2010/2011 school year, CSEA thanks members for their patience and their participation in this process.

More Events For Solidarity

A selection from a letter sent by Kenny Wilson:
There are three very important events we are asking all CSEA members to take part in to make a difference. Your presence really does send the message that we will not give up our rights, we will not give up our children’s education, We will not give up our future. Please be sure to attend as many of the following events as possible. . . Continue reading “More Events For Solidarity”