Negotiations Update for May 19th 2011 Session 2

To all classified employees:

At our second bargaining session on May 19, CSEA finished giving our initial proposal language. The district gave us a verbal “first blush” response, and promised to come back to us with written counter proposals at our next session on May 25. Our central themes are transparency, objectivity, and fairness. The majority of our changes are at no cost to the district.

There have been no substantial discussions and NO AGREEMENT regarding any type of concessions (I.e., furlough days or pay cuts). Regardless of any agreement between the teachers and the district, we will continue to negotiate for the best interests of the classified employees. We are aware that the 2011/2012 school calendar will be going to the school board next week; again, as CSEA has not agreed to any concessions, this student calendar does not dictate the classified work calendar.

Further updates will be sent after each negotiation session.

Thank you again for your support,
CSEA negotiations team
Allyson Holt, Nancy Lavallee, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Joan Miller