May 9th Voting

May 10, 2011

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California is in a “State of Emergency”

May 9, 2011

The State of Golden Dreams is now a “State of Emergency” over the drastic cuts
hurting our public education sytem.

Our neighborhood schools are suffering from drastic state budget cuts. Public schools and colleges have been cut over $20 billion in the last three years. During the same time, 30,000 teachers and 20,000 school employees were laid off. This year we stand to lose another 25,000 educators and $2-$4 billion more in budget cuts.

How can we provide all California students with the quality education that they deserve? How do we deal with drastic cuts from Sacramento that hurt our public school sytem? Education is vital for California’s future and a strong workforce. Your voice is needed to make things better for your neighborhood school and for the future of California.

How do you help students?

 “Think about your job and how it impacts students…”

 It’s a simple question, and right now, every classified employee needs to be able to answer it. In these tight budget times, the answer is key to preventing cuts to classified services.

Whether you work in the district office or the county office of education, at a school site, bus yard or a community college campus, your job certainly benefits the students in some way —


Take a few minutes now to think about how you would describe that impact to a newspaper reporter, your neighbors, or even your family.

Why? The next time CSEA asks for classified employees to address board members or answer a reporter’s question, you’ll be ready to communicate the value of your job to the students, teachers, administrators, parents and ultimately, your community.

And when they ask? Volunteer to share your answer! Click here for a flyer.


call: 866-864-8567 
write: California State Senate         
             P.O. Box 942849
             Sacramento, CA 94249-0000

            California State Assembly    
             P.O. Box 942849
             Sacramento, CA 94249-0000

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Together, we can act to save classified services.

(updated)May 9th Meeting Reminder

May 2, 2011

Please remember that Monday, May 9th, will be our next chapter meeting. The location will be at the ESC in the large conference room. Our meeting will begin at 5:15 pm.

We will be holding the ratification vote for the Tentative Agreement at the MAY chapter meeting, MAY 9, at 5:15 at the ESC. Also, the Initial Proposal for 2011-12 new contract will be voted upon.

Only Chapter members may vote on the contract, if you are not currently a Chapter member bring your $2.00, we will sign you up and you may vote.

Please read the Tentative Agreement and the articles for Initial Proposal carefully and address any questions to the Negotiation team or  L.R.R. Brady Bailo at 714-532-7129

Site Reps can start meeting at 4:45 for Q&A, or just for advice and support.

The ESC is located at 4999 Casa Loma Avenue in the city of Yorba Linda.

Click here for:


Tentative Agreement

 Initial Successor Agreement Proposal   (listed by article)

 Negotiation team

Catastrophic Injury/Illness Leave Bank (re-post)

May 2, 2011

This entry was posted on Monday, April 27th, 2009

hospitalIn a joint effort, CSEA and Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District has established a Catastrophic Injury/Illness Leave Bank for our Classified family.
Between May 1st and May 31st, we will be conducting the initial donation period. This bank has been created for you and will be funded by voluntary donations from Classified employee’s, of either earned unused sick leave hours or earned unused vacation hours. Each donation is irrevocable and can be made by filling out the appropriate district provided form (attached). All donations to the Catastrophic Injury/Illness sickLeave Bank are a general donation and can not be donated to a specific member. In order to be eligible to make a withdrawal from this bank, you must have made a donation within a 12 month period prior to your request.

Please donate during the month of May. Once we reach 500 collected hours, then classified employees who have a catastrophic injury or illness will be able to complete an application for consideration. For Further Information Please consult your copy of the contract, Visit our website PYLCSEA.COM , Or contact one of your CSEA Representatives.

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