Myth Busting***Summer Hiring*** 9,10 and 11 month employees

Recently I have been contacted by a number of Members who have asked me why they have not received their “usual” summer assignments.
I have had to explain that although in the past , when the District had expectations of full enrollment and student participation, many of the Classified staff could count on being extended automatically into the summer session with out applications,this has not been the case for two years.
As many of us recall the 2008/09 summer session was suddenly cut to Special Ed. and Non promoting general Ed. only at the last minute causing chaos..
The 2010/11 summer session as well was only Special Ed and non promoting General Ed .
Because this was planned for, the process was less chaotic but still concerning to those who did not get hired.
Last year there was a third to half less work and so there were fewer staff hired for those positions that work with the students directly.

Under our contract, which mirrors California Education Code, in section

    18.12.3 – Assignments made beyond the regular school year will be made with consideration given to Student needs, unit member availability, training and skills. If two applicants have equal standing using the above criteria ,seniority will be the determining factor

This gives the District the latitude to decide who is qualified for the summer session based on the criteria above.

The district has also required that 9, 10 , 11 month employees in certain classifications apply using the EdJoin system. This has been used for hiring for the past 18 months for most applications. It is an effort of the District to be more paperless.
The District may ask that you use this to alert them to your availability.

This year the summer session will be Special Ed. only. This will make the assignments fewer. Lynn Garrett of Special Ed. is working on making those assignments.
As of May 31 st she was still working on hiring those who will needed for the summer session using the guidelines set out in the contract language.
Lynn has communicated to CSEA that she is still hiring and that assignments will likely continue to be issued even after the start of summer school, due to an increase in enrollment that came during the break.

While CSEA negotiates and enforces the contract, we do not have the authority to dictate the manner in which the District collects their pool of applicants for jobs.
Summer work is not guaranteed by either our contract or California Education Code which is the basis of all our contracts.
If you have applied using EdJoin and have not heard whether or not you have an assignment contact personnel first, before you contact CSEA, it may be that your assignment is still in process.