Ask for a “NO” vote on SB 161

Action Alert on SB 161 (Huff) Diastat Injections by Unlicensed Classified School Employees

 Your immediate assistance is needed.  On Wenesday, July6th, the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee will be hearing SB 161 (Huff).  This bill would allow unlicensed classified employees and teachers to volunteer to inject Diastat to epileptic students.

 As you know, Diastat is valium that is injected rectally to a child while they are having a seizure.  Diastat also has to be injected wherever the child is having the seizure, and that could be on the playground, in the lunchroom, on a school bus or anywhere on the school campus.  It is very likely the injection will be done in the presence of other children and school employees.

 We need you to call the members of the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee to express your opposition to SB 161, and to ask for a “NO” vote on this bill.  The committee members are listed as follows:
Please make sure you use the following points when you contact the Assembly Members:


Capitol Office

District Office

Julia Brownley, Chair

(916) 319-2041

(818) 596-4141

Chris Norby, Vice Chair

(916) 319-2072

(714) 672-4734

Tom Ammiano

(916) 319-2013

(415) 557-3013

Joan Buchanan

(916) 319-2015

(925) 328-1515

Betsy Butler

(916) 319-2053

(310) 615-3515

Wilmer Amina Carter

(916) 319-2062

(909) 820-5008

Mike Eng

(916) 319-2049

(626) 382-0049

Beth Gaines

(916) 319-2004

(916) 774-4430

Linda Halderman

(916) 319-2029

(559) 446-2029

Donald P. Wagner

(916) 319-2070

(949) 863-7070

Das Williams

(916) 319-2035

(805) 564-1649

  • I am an unlicensed classified school employee that strongly opposes SB 161.  This bill allows unlicensed school employees to rectally inject Diastat to child who is having a seizure. 
  • Diastat should only be administered by appropriately licensed and trained medical professionals like Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs). 
  • SB 161 provides for some liability protection, but more is needed. 
  • Not only does this bill ask unlicensed school employees to rectally inject Diastat, it also asks them to perform medical assessments.  Only emergency medical professionals should decide if a child, who has been injected with Diastat, can go back to class or needs to go to the hospital.  This is not something unlicensed classified school employees should be doing.
  • I urge the Assembly Member to oppose SB 161 in the Assembly Business, Professions and Consumer Protection Committee.  The bill will be heard on Wednesday, July 6th.

If you are a constituent, please let the person who answers the phone know that. 

Thank you for making these important calls in opposition to SB 161 (Huff).