Help Support AB 925

Action Alert on AB 925 (Lara & Alejo) Classified Employee Rights in Independent Charter Schools

 Your immediate assistance is needed.  Next Wednesday, June 29th, the Senate Education Committee will be hearing CSEA sponsored Assembly Bill 925 (Lara and Alejo).  This bill would provide equity to classified employees working independent charter schools by subjecting independent charter schools to Education code provisions that provide basic rights and benefits to classified employees.

 We need you to call the members of the Senate Education Committee to express your support of AB 925, and to ask for a YES vote on this bill.  The committee members are listed as follows:


Capitol Office

District Office

Alan Lowenthal, Chair

(916) 651-4027

(562) 529-6659

Sharon Runner, Vice Chair

(916) 651-4017

(661) 729-6232

Elaine Alquist

(916) 651-4013

(408) 286-8318

Sam Blakeslee

(916) 651-4015

(408) 277-9461

Loni Hancock

(916) 651-4009

(510) 286-1333

Bob Huff

(916) 651-4029

(909) 598-3981

Carol Liu

(916) 651-4021

(818) 409-0400

Curren Price

(916) 651-4026

(213) 745-6656

Joe Simitian

(916) 651-4011

(650) 688-6384

Juan Vargas

(916) 651-4040

(619) 409-7690

Please make sure you use the following points when you contact the Senators:

  • Assembly Bill 925 is a simple bill that provides classified employees in independent charter schools with basic rights such as sick leave, bereavement leave and the right to receive a fair warning before being laid off.
  • AB 925 is about basic rights that should not have to be negotiated and should apply to all workers.
  • Nothing in AB 925 prevents well-run charter schools from fulfilling their original intent – to allow for innovative teaching methods, provide parents with expanded choices and to stimulate continual improvements in all public schools.
  • The bill protects students from exposure to illness by allowing sick employees to stay at home, and ensures that grieving employees don’t have to choose between mourning the loss of a loved one and earning their paycheck.
  • I urge the Senator to support AB 925 in the Senate Education Committee.  The bill will be heard on Wednesday, June 28th.

Thank you for making these important calls in support of Assembly Bill 925.