CSEA 85th Conference

This year the CSEA Annual conference is a week earlier than usual. I thought it would be appropriate to Let Chapter 293’s member know that, Myself and 1st Vice President Job Suarez will be in attendance.
If Members are in need of assistance during our absence Please contact Labor Relation Representative Brady Bailo at the Orange Field office, or they may contact Chief Job Steward Ray Tschudy.
All contact information is posted on the active union members page.
The Team will be back and in Negotiations the week of August 1.

CSEA Negotiations Update for 7/21/2011

On July 21st your CSEA Negotiations team met with the District for the 11th time in negotiations for your new contract. Significant progress has been made in negotiations to date.
This week, your CSEA Negotiations Team has spent a lot of time analyzing District data and re-drafting contract language in order to negotiate the strongest agreement.

The following is a list of the articles with which CSEA has reached agreement with the District.

Article 1,Agreement,

Article 3, Definitions,

Article 4.

Article 5,Unit member Rights
Article 7;Association Rights

Article 10, Evaluations and Personnel Files

Article 12, **Newly titled** General Personnel Provisions,

Article 14, Leaves

Article 17 Safety

Article 18.8.1 On Call Time
Article 21 Health and Welfare

As you can see agreements have been reached on numerous articles. Significant articles still being negotiated include:: Wages, Hours and Grievances.

Also to be discussed is a “Side letter”.
A side letter will allow CSEA and the District to reach an agreement on a full contract and still continue working on issues raised in the negotiation

Both teams have been developing a side letter to address: Custodial Workload, Re Classification, Summer Hours Assignments and Layoff Protection.

Your Team has been working diligently to bring you the best deal that we can while facing changing financial conditions.

We acknowledge that every unit, CSEA, APLE and PLUM have been asked to give of themselves.
While CSEA members remain willing to do their part , CSEA has gone to the table to make changes that will improve the working conditions of the Classified unit while allowing the District to realize their stated needs.
We remain hopeful for a full agreement in the near future.

The two teams will return to the table on August 3, 2011.
Please continue to visit the site for updates
Thank you for your continued support
Allyson Holt, Nancy Lavallee, Joan Miller, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez.

CSEA Negotiation Update for July 19, 2011

Today your CSEA Negotiations team met with the District in an attempt to settle the contract.
After two grueling days spent number crunching and negotiating , the parties have not yet reached an agreement. Despite the fact that CSEA put forth a proposal to meet the needs of the District including a proposal of 4 furlough days and an 8 month Step advancement freeze, which is much like that which the Teachers have already agreed to.

The team is Scheduled to meet once more with the district team on Thursday July 21st to hear the Districts response to our Proposal.

The Team thanks you for your continued support

Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Lavallee, Job Suarez, and Joan Miller.

Negotiations Update for July 14th

On June 14, your negotiations team met with the District for the 9th session on your contract.

The list of Articles still under discussion is shrinking; we have come to conceptual agreement on several of the items in our original proposal.

Some areas we are still working on are: wages, grievances, and hours of employment.

We will meet again with the district next Tuesday July 19. We remain optimistic that a fair agreement can be reached in the near future.

Please continue to check the CSEA website often for the latest information.

Thank you for your continued support,
The CSEA negotiating team
Allyson Holt, Nancy Lavallee, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Joan Miller

Healthcare Justice In Orange County

From the CSEA Orange Field Office:
 There is strong interest by many advocates in the Orange Country area to be brought up to date on our new campaign and to build a more formal structure to support single payer efforts.

 Attached is a flyer and invite. If you have advocates in the Orange County area, please pass on the flyer. You are also welcome to attend if you like.

 Thank you!

From Cindy Young (calnurses.org) and Jodi Reid (californiaalliance.org) :

Starting with the great work done by so many advocates, we would like to host a lunch meeting on July 20th at noon to discuss how we can continue to build strong support for single payer in Orange County

Cindy Young at (530) 867-2591 or cyoung@calnurses.org.
Or, Jodi Reid at (714) 244-7776 or jreid@californiaalliance.org

Teamsters, Local 952Union Hall, located at: 140 Marks Way, Orange, CA

Your CSEA is sharing this information. Please use the contact information in this posting, or click here to print the information.

Vote For Michael Bilbrey In The CalPERS Election Run-Off

California School Employees Association First Vice President Michael Bilbrey needs your vote to win a seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

Michael was the leading vote getter in the election but still requires a run-off to win this important election.  With just two candidates remaining, your vote is more important than ever. Please look for your ballot and remember to vote for Michael Bilbrey.

CalPERS run-off ballots will be mailed to your home June 30, 2011 and must be returned no later than July 28, 2011.

 It’s never been more important to elect CalPERS Board members who will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions, preserve and improve CalPERS healthcare programs, and increase CalPERS transparency. Michael Bilbrey is exactly who we need on the CalPERS Board.

From Michael to Members of CalPERS:

I have been a classified school employee working at Citrus College for 22 years. As a CSEA member leader for the past 18 years, I have helped to ensure that workers are treated fairly, listened to and respected. During these difficult times, I will work to ensure that all CalPERS members’ concerns are heard and addressed.

Today, more than ever, we need stability, evenhandedness and well-reasoned decision-making in order to ensure that pension funds are invested wisely, benefits are delivered promptly and CalPERS is best positioned to meet our challenges for decades to come.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Protect your defined benefit pensions
  • Preserve and improve health care
  • Increase openness, transparency and input from members of CalPERS
  • Be accessible and listen to members

Please vote for Michael Bilbrey
for the At Large Seat of the CalPERS Board of Administration