Vote For Michael Bilbrey In The CalPERS Election Run-Off

California School Employees Association First Vice President Michael Bilbrey needs your vote to win a seat on the CalPERS Board of Administration.

Michael was the leading vote getter in the election but still requires a run-off to win this important election.  With just two candidates remaining, your vote is more important than ever. Please look for your ballot and remember to vote for Michael Bilbrey.

CalPERS run-off ballots will be mailed to your home June 30, 2011 and must be returned no later than July 28, 2011.

 It’s never been more important to elect CalPERS Board members who will fight to protect defined-benefit pensions, preserve and improve CalPERS healthcare programs, and increase CalPERS transparency. Michael Bilbrey is exactly who we need on the CalPERS Board.

From Michael to Members of CalPERS:

I have been a classified school employee working at Citrus College for 22 years. As a CSEA member leader for the past 18 years, I have helped to ensure that workers are treated fairly, listened to and respected. During these difficult times, I will work to ensure that all CalPERS members’ concerns are heard and addressed.

Today, more than ever, we need stability, evenhandedness and well-reasoned decision-making in order to ensure that pension funds are invested wisely, benefits are delivered promptly and CalPERS is best positioned to meet our challenges for decades to come.

If elected, I promise to:

  • Protect your defined benefit pensions
  • Preserve and improve health care
  • Increase openness, transparency and input from members of CalPERS
  • Be accessible and listen to members

Please vote for Michael Bilbrey
for the At Large Seat of the CalPERS Board of Administration