Today in the 12th session of your CSEA bargaining team’s negotiations with the District, your CSEA bargaining team declared an impasse.

Faced with incomplete and unclear District data, your team struggled to develop a written proposal. Ultimately, your team submitted a proposal which we believe met the Districts identified targets; however the District did not agree to CSEA’s proposal and offered no monetary movement towards CSEA’s proposal.

Your team’s written proposal from today included a prorated schedule of furlough days along with a delay in step advancement .
Your team believes the submitted proposal provides the District with their identified goals of:
1. Parity with the teachers and other units and
2. Savings in dollars to the District

While in the impasse proceedings, classified employees will not experience a furlough day, step delay or any other wage reduction. However, such reductions may be part of a final agreement with the District.

Your CSEA team and the District will seek out the assistance of a mediator from the State of California. Stay tuned for more information.