Interview Committee Training

Are you interested in becoming more involved with CSEA?  We are looking for chapter members who would like to be trained to serve as the CSEA representative on District panel interviews.

Over the past years we have made great strides to be a part of the Panel process and we need more individual to join our team.  Just last year, our District conducted over 72 interviews for open positions, which CSEA participated in.

Wednesday, Aug. 31 from 6-8pm at ESC
Dinner provided if you RSVP. to Chris Lawyer or 714 615-0896.

Here are just a few answers to questions you might have.

If I’m on the clock will I get paid for my regular shift, and who releases me? 

Yes you will get paid for your normal shift to participate on this committee if the interview is scheduled during your shift time.  The Personnel office will send a release notice to your supervisor. 

If I’m off the clock when the interviews are conducted, will I receive pay? 

No, unfortunately you would be on the “volunteering” clock, which doesn’t pay.  All of our volunteer hours make this chapter a great success!!

How will I know if the interview is being conducted properly and who do I report back to? 

Through this training you will be given an outline and guidelines on how the interviews are supposed to be conducted, and what your role will be as the CSEA Representative.  You will report back to the Association President (Allyson Holt) or a designated E-Board member.

What is my role on this committee?

To insure that our CSEA members are interviewed fairly and that the guidelines set up are followed properly.

How will I know the guidelines? 

Come to training.  Only those members who attend training will be granted the opportunity to participate on the panel.

Will there be additional trainings, if I can’t make it on August 31?

Yes, however it may not be until November or December. We will need to see how many folks can’t make this one.

Here is our contract language which allows CSEA to participate on these Panels:

13.1.4 – Interview Panel – Unit members who file for vacancies during the posting period shall be interviewed by a panel of District employees referred to as the Interview Panel.

The District shall involve the Chapter President and/or her/his designee to designate a mutually agree upon CSEA member in the interview process for all classified vacancies of a promotional nature or any vacancy for which a current unit member applies.  In addition, a representative and/or designee from the Personnel Office will also serve on the interview panel.

13.1.5 – Unit members who serve on the Interview Panel will receive a schedule of the unit members being interviewed, copies of candidates applications, current job posting, job description, interview questions and rating sheets.

Contributed by Chris Lawyer