Warning …..PayCheck Deception Petition….

In the next several months you may be approached throughout the area by those who will tell you that they are interested in protecting YOUR PAYCHECK.!

But don’t believe it… It’s just the Fat Cat Corporations, at it again, attempting to silence you voice by making it more difficult to be organized.
The petition signature gatherers will tell you that they are trying to protect your rights, your Paycheck and even your Pension in order to get your signature when the opposite is true.

As you are all keenly aware, many of the challenges we face ,including budget reductions, are connected with events in Sacramento in the State Legislature. As a result, historically, CSEA has been politically active in order to help elect classified friendly politicians and to advocate for stronger worker protections including the CA Education Code. CSEA and other unions will see their capacity to affect these type of positive changes greatly curtailed by the enactment of this initiative.

Please do not sign this petition, and let your family and friends know that this is a bald faced lie constructed to take you rights away.
If you encounter one of these petition Signature Gatherers, call 1-877-440-9585, and let CSEA know where they are, so that CSEA can work to correct the deception.

However If you have found that you were tricked by their deceptive practices, do not worry there is a form to fill out and return that will invalidate the fraudulently obtained signature. Which is also attached here below . Click on the image to magnify it, print it and fill it in and return it to one of your CSEA reps, or send it to the Orange Field office.
CSEA/ Orange FO
ORANGE , CA 92867
If you have further questions or Concerns please contact LRR Brady Bailo at 714-532-7129

Thank You
Allyson Holt