Michael Bilbrey elected to CalPERS board

From CSEA:

Michael Bilbrey has won election to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) Board of Administration. Bilbrey, CSEA First Vice President, handily won a special runoff election to take a seat on the 13-member board.

“Thank you to everyone for all your support and diligent efforts on our campaign,” said Bilbrey, a 22-year employee of Citrus College and the only classified school employee on the ballot. “Your dedication to winning this election made all the difference!”

According to the unofficial vote count, Bilbrey received 117,034 votes while opponent Richard Ross received 78,718 votes.   The result is not official until certified by the California Secretary of State’s Office.

Association President Allan Clark was thrilled with the results, saying that it showed CSEA’s dedication.

“Thanks to all the CSEA members and staff who worked to elect Michael Bilbrey to the CalPERS Board of Administration,” he said. “Your efforts in this campaign made the difference for Michael. He was an outstanding candidate and will be an even better CalPERS board member.”

Executive Director Dave Low said the campaign presented particular challenges. He said with 1.3 million eligible voters and privacy issues preventing access to voter lists, CSEA members had to mobilize.

“Union member-to-member programs became substantially more important and decisive,” Low said. “Thanks again for the work you did to ensure classified pensions are in good hands.”

Bilbrey and Ross were among a field of eight candidates vying for a member-at-large board seat following the resignation of Kurato Shimada last August. A runoff election was held after no candidate received the majority of votes in the first round of the election that took place earlier this spring. Bilbrey will serve out the remainder of the term vacated by Shimada, which ends on Jan. 15, 2014.

Bilbrey becomes the second CSEA member to currently sit on the CalPERS board. CSEA Past President Rob Feckner is the current CalPERS board president.

“I am eager to take my seat alongside CalPERS Board President Feckner to represent all of you and public employees statewide.”

Members of the CalPERS Board of Administration are responsible for the management and control of CalPERS, including the exclusive control of the administration and investment of the Public Employees’ Retirement Fund. The board meets every month, usually in Sacramento. In addition to the monthly board meetings, board members may also serve on a permanent and/or ad hoc committees, which review and report on specific programs, projects, or issues and make recommendations to the Board.

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