Thank You Jose Solorio

I would like to thank State Assemblyman Jose Solorio from Anaheim, Garden Grove and Santa Ana for His support and His vote against AB 161 the bill calling for the legalization of Administration of Diastat by unlicensed Classified Personnel.
While those who have brought forth this bill are well meaning and believe that they are acting in the belief that they are doing their best for the Children affected, we appreciate that Mr. Solorio is standing with those of us who believe that the proposed bill does not adequately address the concerns of those who would be called upon to administer the medication, and the hazards of having unlicensed personnel perform these medical procedures out weigh the potential benefits.
It takes a strong leader to stand in solidarity and for His beliefs.
Thank You Again.
Allyson Holt
CSEA PAC Region 22, Area H
Chapter President PYLUSD 293