Tenative Agreement Reached

On the evening of September 7, 2011, your CSEA #293 bargaining team reached a Tentative Agreement with PYLUSD for your new contract. The full details of this Tentative Agreement will be presented to you – the members of CSEA #293 – for your approval (ratification) – at a special Ratification Meeting to be held on September 15, 2011 in the District board room.
The 11- 12 months employees will take 6 days, and 10.75 -9.0 will take 5 days furlough . There will be a one time step advance delay for 7 months.
Please plan to attend the meeting for full details on September 15 th.
While the TA does contain wage reductions in the form of furlough days as well as delays in step advancement, the TA does contain the following enhancements for you:

Enhanced contract language referring to Non-Discrimination Board Policies of PYLUSD

Enhanced ability to collect relevant District data in an electronic format

Dedicated space for you chapter to perform Chapter business on District grounds

Enhanced ability to select a member for classified interviews without getting district approval on the CSEA panel member

Binding Arbitration on grievances – This means that future disputes with the District over contractual issues can now be heard in front of a judge who will have the final say rather than the District

Enhanced contract language clarifying that unit members will not be evaluated by other unit members.

Enhanced Transfer and Promotion Language now combined into one article called Personnel Provisions. This new and stronger language will provide that transfer request from employees in the same class and same hours should be considered prior to filling a vacancies. It also provides that postings shall include the anticipated start and end times of the hours of the position.

Ability of employees to donate available sick leave to the Catastrophic Leave Bank upon separation from the District.

Clarification that employees who are or will be on leave will not be required to secure their own substitute
Clarification that no unit member will be required to receive training for a job duty not specified in the members job description or reasonably related to it.

Provisions for pay for on-call time so that employees are compensated if asked to monitor district issue equipment during their normal non-work time.

Improvements on property loss language of up to $500.

A commitment to address the Ewing re-class study of 2008 prior to June 30, 2012.

A commitment to ,within 6 months, establish a uniform workload for custodians
Language establishing that for the 2011/2012 school year, skills, seniority, and availability will be the criteria used in assigning overtime to maintenance employees.

Enhancement that opportunities for summer work in Special Education and Food Services will be communicated to employees working in those classifications and that members in these classifications will have the opportunity to identify their interest in these opportunities.
Layoff protection.

The Ratification meeting will be held at the District Board Room, 1301 Orangethorpe
Thursday September 15 th from 7:00 am until 5:00 pm.