National School Bus Safety Week

Oct. 17–21, 2011

Schools around the country will recognize 2011 School Bus Safety Week, celebrating the theme: “Be Aware – Know the Danger Zone.”

Studies have proven that the most dangerous part of the school bus ride for children is when they get on and off the bus. Remember to pay close attention to school buses when you see them driving on the street and teach children how to be safe when boarding and exiting the bus.

CSEA is a leader in advocating for student safety in California, including sponsoring the 1968 law that requires all buses to carry the “Stop when Red Lights Flash” sign.
CSEA is proud to represent more than 8,500 school bus drivers and other transportation workers. These dedicated employees ensure that school buses remain the safest form of transportation in America. According to the National Safety Council, school buses are 172 times safer then the family car.

School Transportation Professionals

From winding country roads to busy city streets, school bus drivers carry the most precious cargo: our children. School bus drivers, mechanics and other school transportation personnel are the safest and most qualified in the state.

They also care about the kids and the community. Bus drivers know that parents want the peace of mind that comes from trusting the person behind the wheel of the big yellow bus.
School bus drivers volunteer for more training than any other drivers in the state, and they are all required to pass an extensive background check before they receive a license to drive a school bus.
Getting kids to and from school safely and on schedule makes bus drivers, mechanics and other transportation personnel an integral part of our schools and our communities.

School Bus Safety Quiz

School buses are one of the safest means of transportation in the world, and that is a credit to the drivers who safely follow the rules of the road – all the while managing a bus full of talkative students on their way to and from school.

So, do you have what it takes to be a bus driver? Before you learn to drive a 14-ton school bus and keep all the kids in line, try answering these five basic questions from a sample DMV test…Take Quiz

What we do:

Transportation Professionals (PDF 133KB)
Bus drivers are the people who make sure that students get to school and back home safely every day. They are the first school workers to greet students in the morning and the last to wave goodbye to them in the afternoon.

Auto Mechanics (PDF 623 KB)
Handling everything from routine maintenance to major overhauls, district mechanics ensure that maintenance equipment, school buses and other vehicles used for transporting students and staff operate smoothly and safely. The preventive maintenance they perform on a daily basis saves school districts money on costly repairs and equipment replacement.

October’s “Did you know…???”

Applicants who are unit members and possess the necessary qualifications shall be given first consideration for any vacant classified position which can be considered a promotion by submitting written application to the Personnel Office within the time period specified on the vacancy announcement. The Chapter President and/or his/her designee shall determine a unit member to serve as the CSEA panel member in the interview process for all classified vacancies of a promotional nature or any vacancy for which a current unit member applies. In addition, a representative and/or designee from the personnel office will also serve on the interview panel.

Come Learn How to Understand Your Contract

You have MORE opportunities to learn about your rights as an employee.
You also are encouraged to learn about your strength in the workplace.


Chapter 293


Know Your Rights


Tuesday, October 18, 2011
6:00 – 8:00pm
4999 Casa Loma
Yorba Linda,CA 92886

For additional information contact: 


Chris Lawyer
  (714) 615-0896


Brady Bailo  
(714) 532-7129

“Whoa, Nellie!” I might not be able to repair that, but I CAN report it!!

Some of our district facilities are in use SEVEN days a week. With some of those facilities starting in the dark of the early morning, and then going on past midnight. So, having seen the wear and tear on facilities first hand, we find ourselves being the First Responders for the safety and well being of our school district.

Selections From YOUR Contract:

Section 17.1
The District shall maintain …
Section 17.4
Each unit member is responsible for reporting unsafe conditions or equipment to the immediate
supervisor or appropriate District designated manager. No unit member shall be discriminated
against in any way as the result of reporting unsafe conditions.

Section 17.4.1
The District shall investigate all conditions which are reported to be unsafe, hazardous,
or potentially dangerous and shall take necessary steps to have the condition corrected, if
Section 17.4.2
Such report, signed and dated, shall release the unit member from responsibility for
unsafe conditions.
Section 17.4.3
 A unit member shall not be required to perform duties …

Your contract provides that you have the ability to inform the District of unsafe conditions you experience on the job. By informing the District of unsafe conditions using the Safety Condition Reporting Form, you are released from responsibility for the unsafe condition and potentially you may not be required to perform duties if the duties pose an immediate threat to your safety. Your contract also guarantees that you will not be discriminated against for reporting an unsafe condition. Below please find links to the relevant Saftey Article in your contract as well as a link to download the form. Safety Condition Reporting Forms are also available through Risk, Personnel and your school site.

Click Below For:

Safety Reporting Form



Wear Denim and Donate Money to Fight Breast Cancer

 On Friday, October 7,  join together for a very special “casual Friday” to help Lee National Denim Day celebrate 16 years of fighting breast cancer. Gear up to participate in this grassroots program which has raised more than $83 million for breast cancer research by simply asking the nation to put on their jeans and donate the money they’d spend on a pair to the Women’s Cancer Programs of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF).

For the second year in a row, Lee National Denim Day is proud to partner with the Cancer Support Community, an international non-profit dedicated to providing support, education and hope to people affected
by cancer.






Funds raised from participation in Denim Day® will support:

  • Lee Translational Laboratories, a collaboration of six of the nation’s leading research institutions to find less toxic, more effective treatments.
  • The EIF Breast Cancer Biomarker Discovery Project, a multi-year effort led by world-class scientists to develop a blood test for early detection of breast cancer when survival rates are the highest.
  • The Cancer Support Community, an international non-profit uniting The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club Worldwide that provides emotional and social support to all people affected by cancer.

To learn more about the exciting projects funded by Denim Day, visit

About Lee Jeans
Lee® Jeans is a division of VF Corporation. (NYSE: VFC). Headquartered in Merriam, Kan., Lee manufactures and markets brand denim, casual pants, shirts, fleece and knit apparel. A brand committed to the community, Lee Jeans founded Lee National Denim Day®, one of the largest single-day fundraisers for breast cancer. For more information about Lee, visit

About EIF and its Women’s Cancer Programs
The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), as a leading charitable organization of the entertainment industry, has distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to support charitable initiatives addressing critical health, education and social issues.

 Through its Women’s Cancer Programs, the Entertainment Industry Foundation is committed to saving lives by raising awareness about the importance of early detection of breast and reproductive cancers, providing funds to advance treatment research, early detection methods, and supporting community programs that assist the millions of women and their families at risk of or affected by cancer. 

 EIF has a remarkable track record in raising awareness and funds in the fight against cancer.  EIF’s funding strategy is results-driven, bringing together some of the very best scientists and institutions in the country to collaborate in groundbreaking research projects to fast-track better prevention methods and improved therapies for treatment of breast and other women’s cancers. EIF grants have helped accelerate research that has contributed to the development of a breakthrough gene treatment called Herceptin®, the first successful drug that seeks out a particular gene found in one of three cases of the most aggressive form of breast cancer. EIF grants have also supported other state-of-the-art therapies bringing new and innovative treatment approaches to breast cancer worldwide.

 For questions about EIF’s Women’s Cancer Programs and information about breast cancer, visit or call 800-426-0010.

About Cancer Support Community
Backed by evidence that the best cancer care includes emotional and social support, the Cancer Support Community offers these services to all people affected by cancer.  Likely the largest professionally-led network of cancer support worldwide, the organization delivers a comprehensive menu of personalized and essential services.  Because no cancer care plan is complete without emotional and social support, the Cancer Support Community has a vibrant network of community-based centers and online services run by trained and licensed professionals.  For more information, visit .

In July 2009, The Wellness Community and Gilda’s Club joined forces to become the Cancer Support Community.  The combined organization provides high-quality psychological and social support through a network of nearly 50 local affiliates, more than 100 satellite locations and online.  


Click Here For The Flyer, or Call With Your Questions:
Cheryl ext. 82425, Janie ext. 82650, Sally ext. 82762
Selected Information: Courtesy of 2011 Press Release

Chapter Meeting For October

Please remember that Monday, October 10th, will be our next chapter meeting. The location is scheduled to be at the ESC in the middle conference room. Our meeting will begin at 5:15 pm.

We will discuss the training that is available throughout Southern California, and also the training that will be scheduled for our chapter. The dates and locations are being set. Please, come on in and find out what the trainings are about.

Then join us for a fun filled training while you learn what rights you have!

Site Reps can start meeting at 4:45 for Q&A, or just for advice and support.

Please check back to this site for updates.

The ESC is located at 4999 Casa Loma Avenue, in the city of Yorba Linda.