“Whoa, Nellie!” I might not be able to repair that, but I CAN report it!!

Some of our district facilities are in use SEVEN days a week. With some of those facilities starting in the dark of the early morning, and then going on past midnight. So, having seen the wear and tear on facilities first hand, we find ourselves being the First Responders for the safety and well being of our school district.

Selections From YOUR Contract:

Section 17.1
The District shall maintain …
Section 17.4
Each unit member is responsible for reporting unsafe conditions or equipment to the immediate
supervisor or appropriate District designated manager. No unit member shall be discriminated
against in any way as the result of reporting unsafe conditions.

Section 17.4.1
The District shall investigate all conditions which are reported to be unsafe, hazardous,
or potentially dangerous and shall take necessary steps to have the condition corrected, if
Section 17.4.2
Such report, signed and dated, shall release the unit member from responsibility for
unsafe conditions.
Section 17.4.3
 A unit member shall not be required to perform duties …

Your contract provides that you have the ability to inform the District of unsafe conditions you experience on the job. By informing the District of unsafe conditions using the Safety Condition Reporting Form, you are released from responsibility for the unsafe condition and potentially you may not be required to perform duties if the duties pose an immediate threat to your safety. Your contract also guarantees that you will not be discriminated against for reporting an unsafe condition. Below please find links to the relevant Saftey Article in your contract as well as a link to download the form. Safety Condition Reporting Forms are also available through Risk, Personnel and your school site.

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