CSEA and District reach settlement in recent PERB Case

The State of California by way of the Government Code – provides classified employees the ability to participate in union (CSEA) activities without interference, harassment or threats from management. The same Government Code states that it is unlawful for managers to threaten, discriminate against or coerce employees because they participate in the activities of CSEA.

In the past, your Chapter has made the District aware of situations where in the Chapter’s opinion, PYLUSD managers have interacted inappropriately with classified employees regarding the employees rights to participate in CSEA activities. Occasionally, these instances of inappropriate interactions rise to level where they may actually be violations of the Government Code.

Recently, on one such occasion, the conduct of one particular District manager caused CSEA Chapter #293 to file charges with the State of California alleging that the District had in fact violated classified employees’ rights.

The outcome of these charges was that your CSEA chapter and PYLUSD have agreed to a Settlement Agreement which calls for a joint communication to be distributed to all classified employees stating that the District acknowledges the rights of employees to participate in the activities of CSEA without fear or retaliation.

Settlement Agreement Posting

This is the reason why classified employees will soon receive a District mailing signed by both PYLUSD Superintendent Dennis Smith and CSEA Chapter #293 President Allyson Holt.

CSEA will continue to monitor the activities of District managers and agents in order to protect your rights as classified employees. If any member has concerns that their rights have been violated – immediately contact Allyson Holt or the CSEA Orange Field Office.”