State Superintendent Supports The Big Yellow Bus

Stop school transportation cuts


As part of the budget they approved last July, state lawmakers are set to cut off all funding for school transportation in January—unless we act now to save our school buses!

 Any day now, the state Department of Finance is expected to determine the actual amount of budget trigger cuts. If revenues are off estimates by more than $2 billion, one of the triggers calls for the elimination of school transportation funding for the remainder of the school year.

 Don’t leave our kids out on the street

School transportation departments cannot absorb such a deep cut without devastating consequences, so CSEA is working hard to convince the governor and Legislature to find an alternative solution.

“Thousands of kids could be forced out of the safety of a school bus, but we can stop this from happening,” says CSEA President Allan Clark. “No one expected to have to make this cut when the budget was passed, and legislators still have an opportunity to correct this short-sighted mistake when they return to Sacramento in January.”

We only have a short time to act!

There’s still time to convince the governor and state lawmakers that this is a budget cut California can’t afford—but we need to act now. Call your legislators today and urge them to seek alternatives.

 Let’s show that we are united in our effort to support our co-workers in transportation. Please pass the word on to others at your work site, and join hundreds of thousands of CSEA members in making three phone calls to show that you are a part of our united effort to stop this catastrophic cut.

 Save the big, yellow school bus

CSEA leaders and staff are coordinating our efforts to fight these cuts on multiple fronts. CSEA continues to meet with the Department of Finance and staff for the Legislative leaders, and we have the strong support of State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson. We are leading a coalition of statewide and local stakeholders to educate and activate our communities and legislators against these destructive cuts.

Would you please help our efforts by making three critical phone calls? It should only take a few minutes of your time to call the governor , your state Assembly member and your state Senator to leave a message.


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We can save the big, yellow school bus for generations to come—all it takes is three short phone calls from you.

Allyson Holt

CSEA Chapter, 293, President
PAC Region 22, Area H.