PYL 293 – Season’s Greetings 2011-12

Holidays come once a year, so let’s remember the ones that get us through the year.

Always Remember

© By Anonymous

I’ll always remember the talks we had,
The hugs we shared, and the kisses of care.
I’ll always remember the faces among faces,
The smiles among smiles, the good days,
The bad days, the hundreds, the miles.
I won’t remember most of the hellos, but all of the goodbyes.
I’ll remember
sadness, happiness, and tiredness;
Through all the laughs and cries.
As we move farther and farther apart,
We start to drift from eachother’s heart.
The mind and soul can’t hold the pain
With a mighty big burst it opens up wide and cries.
Letting out tears of love, sadness, and joy.
for the faces of our friends.
We’ll long for the real bodies, not pretend.
But if we reach down deep inside, and think and look at life
We’ll find that it’s really not the end.
We surely will see our friends