Congratulations To Field Director Marianne Monfils

My predecessors worked together to create this site to share information. With no real model to work from, the first webmaster designed a look, and then presented our Chapter 293 to the world. Being the second webmaster has left me with the task of continuing the same level of excellent service. Which leads me to a similar situation elsewhere. So let me slowly introduce that subject.

Our Union, throughout this state, does a great deal of work through the struggle and the strength of volunteer work. These efforts become fruitful because of the people who have chosen to work for us. Yes, we have people who work for CSEA.

These people are the CSEA Staff, and are spread throughout California. Throughout California we are divided into Areas. We belong to the great and successful Area H. Our Area H CSEA Staff has an office in the city of Orange. I do not think that you will be surprised that is has been named the Orange Field Office. This office is under the stewardship of a Field Director. Recently our first Field Director, Patrick Prezioso, has chosen to retire. Marianne Monfils has been promoted to become the new Field Director.

Marianne Monfils was recently promoted as the Field Director, for the California School Employees Association (CSEA) Orange Field Office located in Orange, Ca.  Ms. Monfils previously served as a CSEA Labor Relations Representative/Floater (LRR/F) in the Orange Office.  As LRR/F she covered in the absence of Labor Relations Representatives, assisted in special assignments and served as a staff resource for various aspects of representation including Health & Welfare. Marianne attends various Health Care Trust meetings and has an interest in finding the best solution for the rising cost of health care that affects classified school employees. Prior to working for CSEA, Marianne was a classified employee in the Murrieta Valley Unified School District for 16 years where she served as CSEA Chapter President, Vice-President, Secretary, CPRO, and Negotiation Team Member.

The OFO staff is elated that she is their new FD and will continue to run the Orange Office the same way as the previous FD. Marianne is the only other FD that has ever been in the OFO; replacing Patrick Prezioso who was there for 35 years.

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