buried in the fine print was the permanent elimination of…

Governor Brown’s new budget cuts school bus funding again:

Thursday, January 12, 2012

When Gov. Jerry Brown released his new budget last week, buried in the fine print was the permanent elimination of all state funding for school transportation. What began as a “temporary” mid-year cut that wiped out school bus funding for January through June of this year, could now become a permanent, ongoing cut continued into next year’s budget.

In other words, California is getting out of the school bus business — unless we take action to stop these cuts!

Temporary cut becomes permanent

Gov. Brown’s budget proposal confirms that the current-year reduction of $248 million for home-to-school transportation is now a permanent loss for school districts. They will never get that funding back if the governor’s budget is approved.

The governor also proposes a complete elimination of funding ($619 million) for the program in 2012-13. In addition, the bus replacement program that helps small school districts buy new school buses will be totally eliminated.

Take action now to fight these cuts!

However, the state Legislature has to approve the governor’s proposed budget, so we still have time to stop these devastating cuts. Call your legislators today and tell them you oppose these cuts, which will put the safety of public schoolchildren at risk.

Many legislators are not comfortable with the idea of ending school transportation in California, but they need to hear from us that we support their efforts to find an alternative solution. There is tremendous pressure on them to close California’s budget gap no matter what the cost. We must counter that pressure and ask them to stand up for California’s kids!

Call your legislators today! click here for link

Help parents speak up for their children

Parents are concerned about the loss of school transportation for their children, but most don’t know how to connect with their legislators. Help us reach out to these parents and give them a voice. CSEA has created a public website where parents can tell their stories about how the loss of the big, yellow school bus would affect their family. Please encourage parents you know to visit the website, where they can explain the impact on their family and also enter their Zip Code to get the contact information for their state legislators. We have also created a Facebook page that you can share with parents and others in your school community.

Web Site: SaveMySchoolBus
Facebook: SaveMySchoolBus

Together, we can send a loud and clear message to Sacramento that this is a cut California can’t afford!

If you wish to comment or would like additional information, please contact: Jai Sookprasert, Assistant Director, Governmental Relations; Dolores Duran-Flores, Legislative Advocate; Steve Henderson, Legislative Advocate; Joshua Golka, Legislative Advocate, 1127 11th Street, Suite. 346, Sacramento, California 95814.  Toll Free: (800) 867-2026