ACTION ALERT!!! Help a fellow Chapter…Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas

For those of you who are interested in saving the Yellow School Bus across our state….

 If you are able to and perhaps live close enough to Lake Elsinore, Please put on your calendars:

MARCH 8- 5:00 pm – Elsinore School Board meeting
From Ally: The School Board moved the meeting to 5pm to prevent a rally. 

Those of you who are interested may attend to support the Transportation department, by your presence Or if you are so inclined speaking in favor of school buses.

As you may know, many of the Routes travel rural routes, without lighting or sidewalks.Some would even have children walking along Ortega Hwy, or the Freeway. The Chapter Leaders will be meeting with those who would like to speak or otherwise participate. They will be  across from the board room at the “virtual center” at 4:30 !!!!

To Help with the impact wear something Blue or if you have it CSEA apparel.

Thank You, and remember the job you save may some day be your own.
Allyson Holt