Movie Matinee Invitation for PYL 293

  Movie Matinée and Discussion


“The Healthcare Movie”

narrated by Keifer Sutherland

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March 10, 2012

2:00 Refreshments
2:30 Start Time
3:45 Discussion

140 South Marks Way
Orange, CA 92868
Teamsters Local 952

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Ilsa Baeck

Doctor Bill Honigman, Discussion Moderator

Emergency Room Physician and Health Care Advocate

There is a coalition of organizations committed to winning single-payer healthcare in the Golden State. Many Californians supported SB 810, which would have created a just, sustainable healthcare system that would have guaranteed health care to all Californians.

Single Payer Healthcare would dramatically increase patient choice and provider competition by guaranteeing every Californian total choice over his or her doctors and hospitals instead of the narrow provider networks that restrict choice today.

This type of “Medicare for All” system will help solve California’s fiscal problems by controlling rising health care costs. Additionally single-payer healthcare would solve our healthcare crisis by providing comprehensive health benefits and ensuring choice of health care provider. No longer would there be 8 million Californians without health insurance, nor would we be subject to the waste, denials of care and restrictions on choice of providers in the private health insurance companies. This publicly financed, mostly privately delivered health system will be a model for the nation.

Around the world, every wealthy nation except the United States achieves universal healthcare through some variation of a single payer model. All other nations spend far less than we do and in return receive higher quality health care and more of it. California families and employers can no longer afford to foolishly waste 30% of every health care dollar on a private health care insurance bureaucracy designed to minimize the payment of claims instead of maximizing the health of the people.

This is a non-CSEA event.