Proposed “Budget for 2012/2013” has not yet been adopted by the California Legislature

Attention Classified Employees
Members of CSEA #293

By now, many of you may have received Dr. Smith’s Budget Update regarding the state of District finances for 2012/2013. As many of you may be aware, a final budget for 2012/2013 has not yet been adopted by the California legislature, therefore any projections about what will be in the budget for2012/2013 and what impact the State Budget will have on PYLUSD finances for 2012/2013,  are just that – projections based on speculation rather than reality.

On March 13th, PYLUSD presented its initial proposal for classified negotiations for the 2012/2013 year based off of the current budget projections. Your bargaining team is preparing for negotiations and will be surveying Active Members for their input before presenting an initial proposal. Prior to receiving a survey, any member who has ideas on how PYLUSD could save money or spend resources more efficiently is encouraged to contact your chapter through this chapter website of

The governor has submitted his proposed Budget for 2012-13. Gov. Brown also had a message attached to this proposed budget. Here are brief selections from that message to “the Senate and the Assembly of the California Legislature:”

“I hereby submit to you my proposed Budget for 2012‑13.

 When I came into office, California was facing an immediate $26.6 billion budget gap and future budget deficits of $20 billion a year.”

“The 2011 budget did, however, lay the foundation for fiscal stability. It cut the annual budget shortfall by three‑quarters — from $20 billion to $5 billion or less. It shrunk state government, reduced our borrowing costs and gave local governments more authority to make decisions.

The budget that I am submitting today keeps the cuts made last year and adds new ones.”

“I am also asking that the voters guarantee ongoing funding for local public safety programs. This ballot measure will not solve all of our fiscal problems, but it will stop further cuts to education and public safety and halt the trend of double‑digit tuition increases.”

My budget plan also includes important reforms. It improves government efficiency and pays down debt. It reorganizes state government to make it more efficient and saves tax dollars by consolidating or eliminating functions. It restructures social service programs to better support working families. It gives substantially more flexibility and decision‑making to local school districts. The plan also calls for bold investments in our future: to assure a reliable water supply, build high speed rail and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As California’s economy continues to slowly recover — and recover it will — our plan will provide fiscal stability and make California government more transparent and responsive to the people.

I look forward to working with you in the coming year.”

Edmund G. Brown Jr.


Throughout these negotiations, your chapter will conduct its own independent evaluation of PYLUSD’s finances and will communicate with Active Members VIA regarding the process of negotiations.