Dr. Smith’s Board update for May 8th 2012

Many of you have seen Dr. Smith’s Board update on the District e-mail and this has caused some concern.

Particularly the sentence “In looking at ways to keep the PYLUSD fiscally solvent, cuts were approved last night to classified and management services.”

On Tuesday night the Board of Education approved the layoff’s of  17 Classified workers, and one Classified Manager. These individual’s were contacted personally by Personnel and were represented by CSEA at a meeting on Tuesday morning.

As of now, CSEA has not  been  told of further plans to layoff.

The decision by the District to layoff the majority of these Classified Workers was due to lack of funds in a Categorical Program.

The rest were also lack of funds for the coming School year but could be rescinded should the funding return.

In our Contract and in California Law the District may layoff for two reasons: 1. Lack of funds 2. Lack of work, as of this time the District has stated that it is due to lack of funds.

CSEA will continue to monitor the situation and we will work with the District to reinstate or reemploy the affected Classified employee’s as soon as possible.

If you have further Questions Please feel free to e-mail or contact Allyson Holt, or any of the Executive board using the contact information provided on the website.