June 5, 2012 Primary Election

Some information from our State Association Website

Open primary system:
This year, the primary system will work a little bit differently than in years past. Under Proposition 14, which was passed by California voters in 2010, all candidates running in a primary election for offices other than President and local offices will appear on a single ballot. Voters can vote for any candidate, and the top two overall vote-getters – regardless of political party – will move on to the general election. Previously, the top vote-getter from each qualified political party would move on to the general election.

Find your polling place:

Los Angeles (19)
12400 Imperial Hwy.  Norwalk, CA 90650-8350
(562) 466-1310  (800) 815-2666 (Local Callers Only)

Orange (30)
1300 South Grand Ave., Bldg. C
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 567-7600

Riverside (33)
2724 Gateway Drive
Riverside, CA 92507-0918
(951) 486-7200

San Bernardino (36)
777 East Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92415
(909) 387-8300

How CSEA’s endorsement process works:
Candidates are selected by CSEA’s Political Action for Classified Employees (PACE) Committee for recommendation to the CSEA Board of Directors, with CSEA Board Members making the official endorsement. These recommendations are made by PACE of CSEA based on candidates’ voting records, answers to CSEA’s questionnaires and candidate interviews or some combination of these. Candidates are rated for such recommendation based on issues of importance to CSEA, including school and community college funding, retirement benefit protections, health care reform, workers’ rights and other issues impacting CSEA members in their work place. ( CSEA’s Statewide Voter Guide )

Selections from a letter from President Clark:
“As classified employees working in California’s schools and community colleges, we live with the constant threat of cuts, furloughs and layoffs. Those of us who still have our jobs know someone who has lost theirs. We have seen friends, family members and neighbors lose their homes. Some have lost their healthcare and many others cannot afford to keep it. Adult children have had to move back in with their parents. College graduates can’t find jobs.”

“It is time to invest in public education and protect the future of our children. It’s time to rebuild, not tear down the middle class; to honor, not attack union members and what we do for our students. Together we can make it happen—right now in 2012. By taking action, we’ll improve our future, our working conditions and our standard of living, while helping public education.”

“The challenge we face is not about the right or the left. It is about right and wrong.

The choice is clear.

We must, and will, take action to preserve our right to speak out and to advocate for public education. We will act right now to provide desperately needed funding for California’s public schools and community colleges by passing a funding initiative.

By working together, our actions will decide the outcome of the 2012 elections. We are determined, once and for all, to end the nightmare of cuts, layoffs and furloughs.

We are proud of the work you do in our schools and communities every day. I am confident that we will be successful. Together we will win.

In Solidarity,

Allan Clark”