Initial Contract Proposal for 12/13

Initial Proposal of the

California School Employees Association and its Chapter #293

To the

Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District

For 2012/2013 Re-Opener Negotiations

June 4, 2012


Article 13: Leaves

CSEA #293 seeks an enhanced ability for unit members to be able to access their contractually provided leave time.

Article 17: Hours of Employment

CSEA #293 seeks improvements in the process used to assign additional hours of work.

Article 18: Wages

CSEA #293 desires to maintain fair and equitable wages for bargaining unit members.

Article 19: Reclassification and Salary Adjustments

CSEA #293 seeks to address reclassification of bargaining unit employees.

Article 20: Health and Welfare

CSEA #293 desires that unit members continue to maintain their current Health and Welfare benefits.

All other provisions of the collective agreement in force to June 30, 2012 shall remain in full force and effect.


The Association reserves the right to make additional proposals at any time during the bargaining process; including but not limited to responses to proposals made by the District.