The DANGERS of Prop 32.. Special Exemptions Act ….Why it needs to be defeated this November.

In today’s climate of uncertainty, people all over the country and in fact the world are looking for change.
Change can be either good or bad; it is inevitable.

In the United States you and I, the people, have the unparalleled right to affect change whenever We the people want it.

We do that by casting our vote.

We all hope that when we go to the polls to cast our vote, that the change we are seeking will be the correct one for ourselves and our communities.

No one wants to make the wrong choice, one that causes more harm than good.

No one wants to be tricked or deceived into making that choice.

I believe that most of us agree that we value the ability to make our own choices and that the people at large can and should voice their opinions and contact their representatives to be sure that they are heard.

Those representatives will then hopefully represent the best interests of the people.

This is where Prop 32 comes into play.

For months now we have all been bombarded with messages about greedy corporations and corrupt “Union Bosses’.

We have been told ad nauseam that there needs to be change and that the power needs to be taken away from these “corrupt” forces.

That their “political power” needs to be curbed to prevent special interests taking control of the Government.

In general I agree that there should be less influence by outside forces on our legislatures.

However, the Legislature needs to understand the difference between groups whose membership are comprised of everyday concerned citizens and huge conglomerations which are interested in profits and stock holders over the welfare of the common human.

The Legislature needs to be reminded that the needs and rights of the people who elected them and who sent them to Sacramento to represent their communities need to be in the forefront of their minds.

The citizens of the California elect the Representatives, not corporations.

Everyone who contacts the legislature, on any issue, is by definition a “Special Interest”.

Whenever you call, write, or petition your legislator to make a change for the benefit of your community you become a special interest.

Think about that statement, when I as your representative go to Sacramento to remind them that we exist, and that when they cut funding to Schools they are harming the students, we are then considered a “Special Interest”.

Our special interest is Education and the Children we serve.

We are being vilified for advocating for the rights of the students of California, as if it is somehow wrong that we want to stay employed and that we want to continue to serve the Children of California.

Sure we want to keep our jobs, so does everyone else. However our jobs impact the future of the state, we are the ones who make it possible for the Children to go to school, be safe, clean, and fed at school.

It is our jobs to aid the teachers and the Administration. We are a team.

I can tell you we don’t do these jobs to get rich, so it must be something deeper.

Not all special interests are bad.

Now when Wal-Mart, Target, or Chevron goes to the Legislature to ask them to consider their needs they are a “Special Interest ” as well.

Whose special interest is more important?

They want to keep their jobs, but what they really want is to maximize their profits, they want to have free reign to do as they please.

To feel free to ship much needed jobs overseas, flood our markets with substandard products, also from overseas, and rake in the profits.

Do not misinterpret my meaning, we need stores, but we need schools more.

The proposed change that Prop 32 is asking for is misleading, in fact, it is an outright LIE.

They claim it will prevent both Corporations and UNIONS from pouring money into Politics for their “Special Interests’.

What it will in reality do is take away your rights to help fund programs that keep your concerns at the forefront of Legislators minds.

They want to take your rights to voluntarily donate through payroll deductions to causes that you want support.

They say that Prop 32 will restrict both Unions and Corporations from donating to Political campaigns through deductions.

This is not true, 99% of corporations do not collect money from their employees or stockholders with payroll deductions.

Corporations are allowed, and will continue to be allowed to use their profits to create and fund Super PAC’s to funnel millions of dollars towards their own special interests.

Meanwhile, if you want to donate, you will be required to sign up every time you want to contribute and manually pay.

So the 10.00, 20.00, 100.00 a year you donate will now have to be done annually, or even monthly through a more labor intensive process, that may well take away from your representation.

Here are some more facts to Consider:

Prop32, the Special Exemptions Act unfairly singles out school employees,teachers, nurses and firefighters and limits our voices on issues that matter to us alllike cuts to our schools and colleges,police and fire response times,work place safety,consumer protections,homeowner rights and unfair corporate tax giveaways

Corporations already contribute 15 TIMES as much as unions on political campaigns, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

That’s 15 dollars to our 1 dollar.

Prop 32 was intentionally written to restrict only some companies, while providing huge exemptions to others, like Wall Street investment firms, hedge funds, real estate developers, insurance companies and corporations that can still create front groups and make unlimited campaign expenditures supporting candidates.

 Prop.32 claims it will stop corporations and unions from collecting political funds through payroll deductionsbut corporations almost never use payroll deductions to collect funds to support oroppose candidates or ballot measures; they use their corporate profits.

Unions, on the other hand, use payroll deductions to collect thousands of small, voluntary political contributions from their members. This is an accepted and practical way for working men and women to collect the funding needed to compete with the better-funded corporate interests.

Corporations can legally create LLC’s which they can then funnel profits into and donate as much as they want. Unions do not have profits and are barred from forming LLC’s.

The Constitution guarantees everyoneinducing workersthe right to make voluntary contributions to political campaigns.

This includes money you may want to donate to elect a new School Board member or other local politician.

This measure actually restricts that right by requiring annual written authorization from union members before  we can voluntarily donate to our unions political causes and it forbids workers to voluntarily agree to have those donations deducted from our wages.

This is not your union dues but the money that you voluntarily give to support politicians and legislation that you are interested in.

This is a new way in which corporations can erode the rights of workers in California.

Their goal will eventually be the elimination of many of the rights we inherited ,such as California Education Code,minimum wage ,a 5 day 40 hour work week ,Family leave, the right to due process in discipline and much more.

Corporations are interested in rolling back the calendar and plunging us back to an age where the rich are even richer while the rest of us work to just keep afloat.

This Bill actually takes away your right to be heard.  Do not be a party to the theft of your rights.

Stand up and be heard on  TUESDAY November 6, 2012.

Your vote absolutely counts.

Go to the poll and vote a resounding NO on Prop 32 !!

Preserve your right to be heard.

Negotiations Update July 26th 2012

Today your negotiations team met and presented our proposal to the District. We made proposals to the following sections: Article 13 – Leaves, Article 17 – Hours of Employment, and Article 19 Reclassification/Salary Adjustments.
The district made a presentation regarding the financial state of the district; however, this presentation did not provide specific information relating to classified employees. The District did not present any specific proposals at this time pertaining to any of the articles in their initial proposal.
We will meet again August 9, 2012 from 8:00am to 12:00pm.

July’s Member Benefits Monthly Topic

“Legal Referral “

Worker’s Compensation – Important!: 

Pre-designate your physician prior to any injury occurring. Classified employees may designate their personal physician for treatment of work-related injury or illness. The employee must provide the proper form to the employer prior to the injury.Please make sure your doctor agrees to the pre-designation. Pre-designation forms are available on CSEA’s website at

Click on the Issues Tab, select Your Rights and then select Workers Compensation. The Physician Pre-Designation Form is at the bottom of the page under Resources.

If you are injured on the job, contact your supervisor and fill out an incident report immediately. Keep a record of all time missed due to the injury and a log of all medical appointments. If you are having problems with your claim, you may need a worker’s compensation attorney. Please call the Legal Referral Program at CSEA to obtain the name of an attorney in your area.

Free Phone Consultation and Referral Services
with a CSEA Attorney:

If you have a legal question or problem not related to your employment, call CSEA’s Legal Referral Program. As one of the benefits of your membership in CSEA, you are entitled to Continue reading “July’s Member Benefits Monthly Topic”

2nd Stop As Our New LRR Makes The Rounds

Attention Classified

On Tuesday, July 24, Mara Otero, the new Labor Relations Representative for Chapter 293, will be visiting PYLUSD District Office.

Ms. Otero will be in the Break Area of M&O

From 5:45 am — 6:30 am

The CSEA Desk on the 2nd Floor of the Warehouse Building

From 7:00 am – 9:00 am.

Please stop to by during a break, before, or after your shift in order to update your contact information, find out about important November ballot initiatives, and meet the new Labor Rep.

Our New LRR Is Making The Rounds

Attention Classified

On Tuesday, July 17, Mara Otero, the new Labor Relations Representative for Chapter 293, will be visiting PYLUSD District Office.

Ms. Otero will be in the Transportation Lounge

from 8:30am — 11:00 am.

Please stop to by during a break, before, or after your shift in order to update your contact information, find out about important November ballot initiatives, and meet the new Labor Rep.

PYL 293 Saved Some Ice Cream For Later…Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I urge my fellow classified employees
to start the 2012-13 year off right!

Not like this

or this

Start it with us!
Join us for some ice cream.

Have some fun, and welcome a new budget and some new faces. 

Get there first, 1301 E. Orangethorpe,Placentia, 92870,


Come have ice cream after your lunch or after your morning shift.

We will be serving till 2 pm arrives or the ice cream is gone.