July’s Member Benefits Monthly Topic

“Legal Referral “

Worker’s Compensation – Important!: 

Pre-designate your physician prior to any injury occurring. Classified employees may designate their personal physician for treatment of work-related injury or illness. The employee must provide the proper form to the employer prior to the injury.Please make sure your doctor agrees to the pre-designation. Pre-designation forms are available on CSEA’s website at www.csea.com.

Click on the Issues Tab, select Your Rights and then select Workers Compensation. The Physician Pre-Designation Form is at the bottom of the page under Resources.

If you are injured on the job, contact your supervisor and fill out an incident report immediately. Keep a record of all time missed due to the injury and a log of all medical appointments. If you are having problems with your claim, you may need a worker’s compensation attorney. Please call the Legal Referral Program at CSEA to obtain the name of an attorney in your area.

Free Phone Consultation and Referral Services
with a CSEA Attorney:

If you have a legal question or problem not related to your employment, call CSEA’s Legal Referral Program. As one of the benefits of your membership in CSEA, you are entitled to a free phone consultation with an attorney in CSEA’s legal department about non-employment matters. Simple legal questions or problems may be resolved over the phone. If the problem requires further assistance, the attorney may be able to provide a local attorney who may provide a free consultation and may also provide a special discount to our members.

Criminal Legal Assistance Fund:

Financial Assistance (up to $2,500) may be provided to a member in good standing alleged to have committed a criminal act during their normal job duties.

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