2012/13 Contract ratifies

Thursday Sept. 20, 2012: today members met to discuss and learn about the 2012/13 T.A. and cast their vote.
The Contract ratified with 97% of the vote. The Chapter leadership, appreciates all of you who could make it to vote today. We realize that it was a fast turn around and we had to finish earlier than in past years in order to make the County’s Payroll deadline to ensure that the furloughs be spread across as many pay periods as possible. With a 4:30 deadline to the County, it was tight But we made it.
Click the link to see the full language: 1213 Agreement,

Thank you again for your support and coming out to vote. Your CSEA Negotiations Team,  Allyson Holt ,Job Suarez, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Lavallee and Joan Miller, and LRR Mara Otero