We couldn’t do our job without them! Celebrate National School Bus Safety Week Oct. 22-26

Oct. 22-26 is the week to recognize the valuable contributions of our school bus drivers.

The work our school bus drivers do should be valued every day but National School Bus Safety Week is a time to remind every parent and every person who works in a school that without bus drivers, many students wouldn’t be able to get to school to receive their education.

School bus drivers are the first school workers that students see in the morning. They are also the last people they see at the end of the school day.

Because bus drivers spend time with students every day, they get to know the students and understand their needs. Bus drivers serve students as mentors and friends. Many times, they are the ones who make students feel better at the end of a lousy school day.

School bus drivers are also the safest drivers on the road. Because school buses are required to be equipped with more safety features than any other vehicle on the road and because drivers must pass rigorous exams and background checks, students are safer in the big yellow school bus than in any other vehicle, including the family car.

Statistics show that more than 25,000 school buses transport 3 million California public school students every day. California law only mandates home-to-school transportation for special education students, but or many other students, the school bus is the only way for them to get to school.

Remind parents, teachers, administrators and coworkers about the contributions our school bus drivers make to public education this School Bus Safety Week. We couldn’t do our job without them!

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