Attention Members: MOU’s on new Positions to be ratified at Nov 5 th Meeting.

Your Negotiations team has had a busy few months and after careful negotiations we are pleased to announce the creation of 12 new Full time benefited positions, and a  3 Part time positions.

Since these are new,  there will be the MOU agreements that govern these positions to vote on at the November meeting.

The first MOU will be for the Creation of 8 Full-time Special Education Aides , assigned to George Key School.

The Second MOU will be for the Creation of a new Classification Of Braille Interpreter, that will be a part-time position (1)

The Third MOU deals with temporarily eliminating a vacant 8 hour position, and creating  two part-time positions in the clerk 1 classification, with the agreement that when enrollment increases there will be an 8 hour position created.

The forth MOU will be the Creation of a new Classification in the Technology Department, there will initially be 4 full time positions.

That will be the creation of a total of 15 Positions.

We expect that they will be posted on Ed join as soon as the week following the Chapter meeting.

Please come to the meeting to read the full language and vote

Your Negotiations team recommends a Yes vote on each item.