Prop. 30 Victorious and Prop 32 Fails…. We are Not out of the Woods yet … but we can see the edge of the forest.

I want to acknowledge all the hard work our members have put in the last several months to accomplish these goals.

The fact is without our members, and their families and friends,  putting their votes into action, we would be facing a different future than we are today.

As I said in my article title,  we aren’t out of the woods, yet…  there will be some challenges that we will all face as we continue to build our economy and move back to the land of full employment.

This year there will be a full contract that will be negotiated, which means your  CSEA  negotiations team and the District will have the opportunity to fix articles that don’t work, or need updating.

It will be the time where the District will be able to fix errors that were uncovered by the new administration, as well.

According to the Governor and State Superintendent of Education Tom Torlakson, the passing of Prop 30 means that the automatic mid year  cuts to K-12 and Community College funding will not be implemented.

It does not mean an increase to our budgets this year.

Thankfully, your negotiations team worked hard all summer to make sure that there was as much protection built into our agreement as they could get, and the Lay off article we have, which I am told unique to Our agreement, will help to keep as many of our people employed as possible.

As always, we like to have your input and when the survey comes out later in the year please fill it in with specifics so we can continue to ensure your working conditions remain as safe, secure and happy as possible.

On the Prop 32 failure…. I applaud all of our members, families and friends who understand that to silence any group , by taking their right to participate in the Political process no matter how small is a travesty.

The acknowledgement of the people at large that this was not reform but a way to silence working class individuals and take away their right to representation on the most basic level makes me feel proud to serve you.

Thank you again for your support to your community.