Other Items from the December Chapter Meeting

As reported in brief by Robert Moreno on Monday other items of interest from the December meeting are as follows:

The MOU ( Memorandum of understanding) that was posted for your consideration regarding enhancements to current contract language on  the hiring process, was passed and will be brought to the table at the next Contract Negotiation to be formally incorporated into the Contract.

The Item on the Agenda and voted upon by the member ship on Constitution and Bylaws change, for those of you who were not at the readings.

Was to include language and move the article pertaining to our member ship in the California Labor Coalition. When It was originally approved by the membership we put it in the wrong article in the C&B’s.

This change was approved by 2/3 of the members in attendance.

Joan Miller our outgoing Chapter Secretary of 10 + years was presented with a gift card for The Cheesecake Factory. We deeply appreciate all she has done for the Members and know that she will continue to be an asset to the Chapter albeit from the member at large category in future.

We appreciate your participation and we look forward to seeing you and hearing from you .

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and check back with us in the New Year as we continue to improve our  communication and outreach to the members.

Thank You