Posting For Our Initial Contract Proposal for 12/13

Initial Proposal of the

California School Employees Association

and its

Placentia-Yorba Linda Chapter #293

To the

Placentia Yorba Linda Unified School District

For Successor Contract Negotiations

Article I:         Agreement

CSEA #293 desires a new successor contract with a duration of three (3) years with reopeners during the 2nd and 3rd years of the contract.

Article III:      Definition

CSEA #293 desires to modify the definition of Association to reflect: “The California School Employees and its Placentia-Yorba Linda Chapter #293.

CSEA #293 desires to include a definition of a “transfer.”

Article VI:      Unit Member Rights

CSEA #293 desires that each unit member be provided a secure mailbox for their own use.

CSEA #293 seeks to address District provided email addresses for unit members.

Article VII:    Association Rights

CSEA #293 seeks to explore security options for unit members.

CSEA #293 seeks an opportunity to address newly hired unit members during new District employee orientation.

CSEA #293 desires that the District shall provide one set of printed labels at District expense of unit members demographic information as requested  no more than  twice a year.

CSEA #293 desires that a Personnel Office Staff manager  participate on the interview panel of every unit position that is health insurance benefit eligible in addition to each other interview panel designated by the Chapter.

Article XII:    General Personnel Provisions

CSEA #293 desires that the District shall inform the Chapter of all vacancies within the bargaining unit within one week of the creation of the vacancy.

CSEA #293 desires to delete section 12.2.2

CSEA #293 desires to address the notification required to laid off members in Section 12.3.

CSEA #293 desires to address the role of the interview panel and interview process in determining the applicant selected for a position.

CSEA #293 desires to address the process by which applicants are pre-screened for qualifications and references.

CSEA #293 desires that interviews for a unit position must be conducted within a period of time after the closing of a position.

CSEA #293 desires that the selection process for unit member positions shall cease upon CSEA #293’s submission of a grievance regarding hiring practices until the matter has been resolved.

CSEA #293 desires that each vacancy announcement shall identify the position’s number of paid days within a calendar year.

CSEA #293 desires to ensure that employees’ classification of months are properly ascribed based on the number of paid work days.

CSEA #293 desires that unit members who so desire may request a conference with the Director of Personnel in the event that the unit member was denied a transfer request.

Article XIV:   Layoff and Re-Employment

CSEA #293 desires that members laid off for medical reasons retain all protections and abilities provided to members laid off due to lack of work or lack of funds.

CSEA #293 desires that unit members laid off shall be provided the opportunity for all short term and substitute hours in the positions they were laid off from. Additionally, CSEA #293 desires that laid off members be offered short term and substitute hours for positions that laid off members meet the qualifications for  but for which the laid off members may not have served in prior to such hours being offered  to non-bargaining unit members.

CSEA #293 desires that the District shall provide the Chapter by the 1st of each month  a list of unit members on a layoff/rehire list, the members’ classifications, locations, type of layoff  and the time each laid off unit member has remaining for recall purposes.


Article XVII: Hours

CSEA #293 desires that all short term /substitute hours be first offered to unit members currently serving in the affected classification prior to such hours being offered to other unit members and non-bargaining unit employees.

CSEA #293 desires to reduce the time unit members must give advance notice in order to take compensatory time.

CSEA#293 desires to extend the summer hour scheduling provisions to all relevant positions that may be called to work during the summer.


Article XVIII: Wages

CSEA #293 desires to improve the salary schedule.


Article XIX:   Reclassification

CSEA #293 desires to enhance the reclassification process so that reclassifications are conducted in a uniform manner at regular intervals ensuring each classification is reviewed at least semi-annually.

CSEA #293 desires that salary increases recommended by Ewing be implemented in the appropriate classifications as soon as possible


Article XX:    Health and Welfare

CSEA#293 desires to improve unit member’s ability to be able to access health benefits by modifying the criteria to participate in health benefits through the District for unit members working less than four (4) hours.

CSEA #293 desires to maintain the current level of benefits and premium sharing arrangements.

CSEA_293_segmentArticle XXI:   Vacations

CSEA #293 desires that the reference to vacation schedule include unit members working less than 10 months.

CSEA #293 desire to address the payout of vacation time to unit members.


Article XXII: Holidays

CSEA #293 desires to address the placement of holidays within the employee work calendars.


All other provisions of the collective agreement in force to June 30, 2013 shall remain in full force and effect.


CSEA #293 reserves the right to make additional proposals at any time during the bargaining process; including but not limited to responses to proposals made by the District.