Classified employees keep students safe every day


Special Services

Security, technology and everything in between

From campus security  to computer programming, classified employees provide many specialized services to school districts and colleges statewide.

School resource officers and other security personnel (read more) give students and staff peace of mind so they can focus on what really matters.

As schools increasingly depend on new technology, classified employees (read more)are instrumental in keeping our schools running smoothly. They perform data-entry work and even write custom software programs to meet the specialized needs of our schools.

Classified employees contribute to public education in a wide range of other (read more)capacities. Depending on the specific needs of the district, classified employees do everything from migrant services and financial aid to warehousing, shipping and receiving.

These extraordinary workers are getting the essential work of our schools done.

The above is selected material from CSEA

In the following days, I plan to present more profiles and some stories about how we work and have lives. The following is presented through our affiliation with AFL-CIO.


Machinists Honored for Boston Bombing Response

Kenneth Quinnell

Three members of Machinists (IAMLocal 264 in Boston were honored for their bravery and quick thinking in response to the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15. John Foley, Dave Litif and Mike Rown, who were volunteering at the finish line of the marathon, immediately moved to tear down barricades around the blast site to help people leave the area and began treating the wounded.


‘The city was under siege and our union members were right there,’ said Local 264 President Jim Mastandrea. ‘They didn’t hesitate to get right in there. They knew that people needed help and they responded. I am so proud of these members. They were fearless in their reaction to the situation.’

The three Machinists were recognized with special medals made by fellow Local 264 member Chris Fernald to commemorate their actions.

 ‘District 15 is honored to claim these guys as members of the Machinists Union,’ said District 15 DBR Jim Conigliaro. ‘Their actions truly epitomize the meaning of self-sacrificing for others.’