“We carry the world’s most precious cargo!”


Every day during the school year, approximately 22.5 million children hop aboard 400,000 yellow school buses to start their day of learning. Ask any bus driver their No. 1-priority and the answer is always the same.

waitingforbus“It’s all about safety. Student safety comes first,” said Rebecca Scheel, a bus driver with Gilroy Unified School District. “We carry the world’s most precious cargo!”

Being safe is part of the job for bus drivers. As the most trained people on the road, school bus drivers maneuver 30-foot buses through a variety of traffic and weather conditions every day. And their commitment to safety doesn’t end there. Bus drivers (read more) are also another set of eyes to watch for student safety. Valarie Flanagan, a bus driver with the Garden Grove Unified School District, once saved a lost 4-year-old boy who had wandered onto a busy Westminster street.

“It’s not just the children that are on my bus,” the Garden Grove Chapter 121 member said. “If there’s a child outside the bus that doesn’t have anything to do with me, I’m still going to be looking out for their safety.”

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