“…get them in a positive routine so they aren’t late all of the time.”


School Office and Clerical Services

CSEA is proud to represent thousands of administrative professionals in public schools and community colleges. At the school site, these classified employees are the link between parents, teachers and administrators. They ensure that the rest of the school staff has the information and materials to do their job efficiently. They guide school personnel in following federal and state regulations and they listen to parents and students and aid them with their concerns.

The technology keeps changing, but secretaries (read more) are still the people who keep our schools running smoothly. The same holds true for all administrative support staff, whether they work the front desk at an elementary school or manage files at the county office.

The accounting staff (read more) crunches the numbers, and school secretaries help students with their medications. Whether they are registering thousands of students at a large community college or explaining the afternoon bus route to the parent of a first-grader, office workers are vital to the success of our schools.

Office Assistant Linda Rambeau-Jaime, who has worked for Antioch Unified for 12 years, handles attendance issues, orders supplies for the classroom and makes sure that the copy machines used to print class handouts are functioning properly at Antioch’s Lone Tree Elementary School. She answers parents’ inquiries, and receives medicine and lunches that parents drop off for students. She also performs first-aid on students when necessary.

“Sometimes if these students don’t get patched up, they are going to miss the instructional minutes,” she said. “If they are late, I like to give them tips on what to do to get to school on time. I try to give them some steps they can take to get them in a positive routine so they aren’t late all of the time.”

Classified employees in the office do just about everything. They maintain attendance records, answer the phones, pay the bills and communicate with parents and administrators—all while keeping pace with advances in computer, telephone and document reproduction technology.

The above is selected material from CSEA

During CSEW, I plan to continue with more profiles and stories about the work that we do.