Help Advocate For State Budget Priorities

California’s budget process is in full swing following the release of the Gov. Jerry Brown’s May Budget Revision. The Legislature has until June 15 to review and revise the Governor’s May proposals and send him back a final budget. The Governor has until June 30 to line-item veto or reduce specific appropriations in the final budget.

During this budget debate, sending a letter to your state legislator can have a huge impact on the budget process for CSEA’s top budget priorities, which are to:

1) Restore prior year cuts.
2) Protect school transportation.
3) Include funding for professional development for classified staff.
4) Protect funding for deferred maintenance.

Visit for the template of a budget letter that you can send to your legislator. Simply add your name and school district before sending it out. You can also read the detailed background information on the major budget issues.

Find a Senator or Representative

Thank you for all that you do for our students and for your help in the fight for a budget that will restore funding to our schools and protect important programs for classified school employees.
For those that wish to join our effort: Sample Letter