2013/14 Negotiations Update for August 28, 2013

Today your CSEA Negotiations team met with the District team for the 6th time.

The District presented their 3 rd proposal and  the CSEA team  presented our response.

The CSEA team is still waiting for necessary information we requested in order to make a decision on the Districts wage concession proposal.

The District has indicated that some of the requested information will not be available until after the September 10th School Board meeting .

The District and CSEA have set the next negotiation session  for September 19th.

There will be information on the progress of the negotiations so far at the first Chapter meeting of the year Scheduled for September 9th at 5:15 pm at the ESC.

Thank You for your continued support

Your CSEA team , Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Williams, Chris Lawyer , Job Suarez,  and Mara Otero LRR.


2013/14 Bargaining Update

Today, 8/21/2013, Your CSEA Bargaining Team met with the District Team for our  5th session.

We had a full day of Negotiations and received the Districts  latest response to our 3rd Proposal.

CSEA also responded to the Districts first Proposal and some progress was made.

Additionally, this week the  CSEA Team has received and is evaluating the economic information we requested and the District has provided.

We will submit to the District a proposal based on those findings,  at a future meeting.

Currently, we have set another half day of negotiations to take place on 8/28/2013.

Thank you  For your continued support and we will keep you posted of developments.

Your CSEA Bargaining Team

Allyson Holt, Cheryl Townsend, Job Suarez, Nancy Williams, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero LRR

CSEA Area H Labor Day Picnic With The OC Labor Fed


Celebrate labor’s contributions for good jobs,
safe working conditions, and strong communities.


Labor Day Weekend
Saturday – August 30, 2014

Come and Celebrate Labor Day at the. . .

Members, Spouses, and their Children
or Grandchildren Under 18

10:00 a.m. to 3:00 pm.
RSVP to Joline Vela at (714) 385-1534 at the OCLF

CSEA_293_segment As members of the Orange County Labor Federation –

“Come and Join In On The Fun”

2013/14 Contract Bargaining Update.

On August 13, 2013  your CSEA bargaining team met for the 4th time with the District to bargain the new contract.

Today, the District gave us their initial proposal  which includes furlough days in addition to the layoffs implemented for the 2013/2014 school year.

Your CSEA team  has asked for documentation justifying these proposed concessions in advance our our next scheduled meeting on August 21, 2013.

Thank you for your continued support , as always we will keep you updated as things develop and we near an agreement.

Your CSEA  bargaining team

Allyson Holt, Job Suarez, Cheryl Townsend, Nancy Williams, Chris Lawyer and Mara Otero LRR.



Effects Of Lay off MOU

Attached is the final Copy of the MOU regarding the layoffs the District authorized in MAY 2013. Please click on the link below to see the PDF of the MOU.

There will be an opportunity to vote on this document at an extra meeting to be called on  Thursday  AUGUST 15 th at 1:00 P.M. in the Transportation Lounge, at 1301 Orangethorpe .

This will be a very short meeting with only the MOU on the agenda.

All members available and wishing to vote will be asked to come to the Transportation lounge to do so at that time.

This MOU will take effect as soon as it has been voted upon.

Thank You for your continued support

Allyson Holt

Chapter President

Placentia-Yorba Linda 293

Layoff MOU – FINAL – 7-17-13